More People Going to New Mexico to Get a License


POSTED: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 8:54pm

New Mexico is seeing an increase in the amount of people applying for driver's licenses, and some say it all stems back to immigration.

That's because New Mexico is one of only three states that doesn't require proof of legal residency to get a driver's license.

Since there's been an increase in foreign nationals getting licenses since the passing of Arizona's new immigration bill, some say more illegal immigrants are coming here because of what they consider laxer laws.

But others say it's in the books for public safety.

"If an undocumented person is denied a drivers license then they will not be able to get automobile insurance," said representative Antonio Lujan of district 35.

Tonight on NewsChannel 9 at 10 we'll hear from another New Mexico lawmaker who says he wants to see this brought up again in the next legislative session in January.

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Yeah and many are able to get New Mexico license plates and live in El Paso. I have heard before that New Mexico registered vehicles are not required to have mandatory automobile insurance unlike Texas registered vehicles. I see vehicles with New Mexico way out in San Elizario, Clint and Socorro parked at residences. New Mexico isn't anywhere near any of those towns.

I lived 27 yrs. in chicago, I know from experiance they don't care about car insurance, with a bar on my corner block, my car and plenty others were banged up nearly every weekend, they took of like they owned the street and could care less of anyones rights.I know ther will be people that will say it ain't so, this people can't face the truth be what my, its my ethnicity.

It figures some state will bail out the illegals. That's ridiculous not to require proof of residency to get a State driver's license. That's why they also go to New Mexico to get food stamps and other government help. And so what, you think that just because they get a driver's license they will get insurance? Get real. 99% of them will not because they can't afford it or don't want to afford it. That's reality!

Why isn't are president/attorney general suing new mexico to stop this illegal activity,sounds like a double standard to me.Arizona gets sued and New mexico does not.

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