More Parking at Local Business

More Parking at Local Business

POSTED: Friday, February 3, 2012 - 5:32pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 6, 2012 - 11:47am

EL PASO - It's just a slab of pavement, but to this business owner it means keeping his business afloat.

"Parking is a very big issue here and customers will come and go. If they don't find a parking space they will come and go," Kinley Pon of Kinley's House Coffee and Tea said.

Kinley's Coffee House is a place where people come to study, get work done and socialize, but its lack of parking has been a turn off to its customers.

With Starbucks just a stone's throw away, this new parking lot is changing the way coffee lovers view Kinley's.

"I'll feel like I'll have more of a chance to have good parking and I won't be worried a out getting here super early for parking," Belliard said.

Isabelle Belliard is a regular here at "The House" and knows about the parking problems around the Cincinnati area.

"I've had that issue where I drive around for maybe 5 minutes. And if I really cant find anyone I have to go to Starbucks because I have to do my work," Belliard said.

The new lot adds 16 more spaces, but Kinley says he's gotten a much larger response.

"Cheering walking into the coffee house as I'd walk they would clap...I put a little note informing the public in Facebook and within 30 minutes it had 149

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all mesa street around there is horrible with parking day or night...not to mention the mcdees by there its ALWAYS packed...somtimes ppl park by dollar gen to drink coffee "the house" lol

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