More Fish, Bird Deaths, This Time World Wide

More Fish, Bird Deaths, This Time World Wide
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POSTED: Friday, January 7, 2011 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - 10:34am

FOLLY BEACH, S.C.— There were more reports of dead fish on Friday, after thousands of dead fish washed ashore in South Carolina.

Around 10,000 menhaden were washed ashore on Folly Beach, southwest of Charleston. The dead bait fish were likely killed by cold water temperatures. Small fish and other species are affected when temperatures drop to 47 degrees. Temperatures were recorded at 48 degrees along the coast earlier this week.

There were no reports of dead fish in surrounding beaches.

Previously, hundreds if not thousands of dead birds were falling dead from the sky in Italy earlier this week.

Kentucky wildlife officials said there were previous dead birds found in the state last week.

Millions of dead fish also washed ashore in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay on Tuesday. Maryland Department of the Environment spokesperson Dawn Stoltzfus said cold-water and stress could be the likely cause of the deaths. Stoltzfus also said that similar large winter fish deaths were documented in 1976 and 1980.

Similar yet unexplained fish deaths occurred in Brazil as well as New Zealand. Reports of 100 tons of sardines, croaker and catfish began washing ashore dead since last Thursday. The cause of death is unknown. In New Zealand, hundreds of dead snapper fish, many with their eyes missing, washed up on Coromandel Peninsula beaches.

About 500 blackbirds and starlings have been found about 300 miles away from Beebe, Arkansas, where just days earlier the same bird species were falling dead from the sky, while at least 100,000 dead drum fish washed ashore.

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Office in Lake Charles has been recovering as many of the blackbirds as possible for further testing. Biologists are also collecting samples from the birds to send for testing at the University of Georgia and the National Wildlife Health Center in Wisconsin for genetic and pathogenic testing to determine what may have killed them.

On January 3, reports said nearly 3,000 red-winged blackbirds, common grackles, and European Starlings were dropping dead from the sky within a one-mile radius near Beebe on December 31. The birds were dead when they hit the ground. Autopsies conducted on 17 birds revealed the birds died due to multiple blunt trauma to their vital organs. Poison has been ruled out, and state biologists believe stress or weather might have played a vital role.

In a river near Ozark, thousands of dead fish were discovered, though Game and Fish officials said that incident is unrelated to the bird deaths.

A storm tore through the state of Arkansas on New Year's Eve and killed three people in Cincinnati, Arkansas. The National Weather Service said winds were registered at up to 140 mph.
125 miles away from Beebe, Arkansas, nearly 100,000 fish were found dead along the Arkansas River near Ozark. Game and Fish officials believe the drum fish were killed by a disease, though test results are still pending. Officials also said the disease could not have been from a pollutant since all fish, not just the drum fish, would have been affected.

The fish washed ashore along a 20-mile stretch of the river between Ozark and Clarksville.
The results could take up to a month.

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I'm from the U.S. and our national news told us completely different stories about what was happening around the world. They tried to say that the thousands of birds that dropped out of the sky and died in Arkansas was a mere accident. They were literally "scared to death" because of the fireworks. Who the hell would believe such an imbecilic idea? Americans apparently. Everyone bought it. Because the American Government never lies. Right? I seriously need to move out of this brainwashed country

You're right think of the time

I believe the Dead Birds and Fish Around the World is from or has to do with the WiFi Electronic Grid Fence. The broadcasting signals de-magnified and are sending high frequencie beams down to the earth which the birds fly into this beam and get confused and fall to the Earth. This beem hits the water & a school of fish or crabs & makes there little organs not work proper and they cant receive proper oxigen. Honnering all of life is the ONLY way! Joy, Peace, Love, and Light Cindy Egan :O(

Quite frankly I think there is something...being tested. Some scientific experiment that is top secret I don't really know but I do know that my conspiracy theory meter is breaking off the charts. Coincidence my left foot.

I absolutely am right on board with you. We were talking about this at work on Friday and I just believe it to be some sort of "sound wave" weapon or "frequency" weapon...the kind you see in "futurerama" movies. I don't like to think of myself as a conspiracy theorist, but I also do not consider myself to be one of the "SHEEPLE" who just follow what I am told "because why would they lie?!" LOL Yes, my meter is hitting the red zone also!

Exactly why in each of these incidents are only 1 species being attacked? That is what makes this a mystery. Not the fact just the fact that 8,000 Turtle oves fell out the sky and tree's in Italy (which is scary enough) but why not the pigeons that were still flying around fine and other birds smaller and bigger? Why only 40,000 crabs in the UK? There are other smaller creature and fish there that surely should have also been affected. These are the questions we have. This is why I'm scared,

ummmmm - because of global warming all we hear is that the oceans are warmer. Now all of a sudden they are too cold again. what b.s. for real !!!! people dont believe these ridiculous excuses. We are being spoon fed a bunch of crap. They dont want us to know the real truth !


I think the dead fish and birds are related, and the causes of death given is not true. But if what there saying to be the cause is true, then why all around the world, different climants at the same time? And no I don't think it's coincidence. Things happen do to cause and affects. (I'm speaking of the time frame). Think about it...

I think you're right . Thnk about the time

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