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More Arrests Made In ICE Agent Attack


POSTED: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 12:04am

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 4:09pm

MEXICO CITY-- Mexican marines say they have captured a regional boss for the Detas Drug Gang that is accused of killing U.S. Immigration Agent Jaime Zatapa.

Sergio "El Toto" mora was among several suspects presented to the media Monday in Mexico City.

A statement from the military said he was arrested in a Sunday morning raid in the city of Saltillo in northern Mexico.

A spokesman did not say if Mora was directly involved in the February 15th attack that killed Zapata and injured Victor Avila of El Paso.

The spokesman did say that Mora was the boss of Julian Zapata Espinoza who was arrested last week and allegedly confessed that he took part in the shooting.

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Okay...what the hell are they doing by posing for pictures with a a supposedly criminal?

This is just for show to make the U.S. leaders think they are doing their job. This guy more then likely had nothing to do with it and was paid to take the wrap for it.

They couldn't catch the guy(S) who killed 20+ woman in Juarez in a timely manner and yet some how they they catch the ones responsible for this in matter of days.

Dog and pony show.

If in fact this is the real McCoy, and not one of the "usual suspects" rounded up on Calderons orders to make Mexico look responsive, turn him over to the USA and let our justice system take care of him, and others that are sure to be arrested.

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