Montwood Students Remember their Friend

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 7:36pm

Empty, is how some students like, George Rumbo, are describing Montwood's campus of almost 2800 students.

"I always used to see her walking in the hallway and I didn't see her today," Rumbo said.

Jennifer Gomez died in a car accident. Her absence has students like, Keila Briviesca, feeling overwhelmed with sadness.

"I got over dehydrated and just started crying. I couldn't wake up till this morning. I just couldn't be happy," Briviesca said.

Montwood is providing councilors so that students have someone to talk to. One of Jennifer's friends says he went the first chance he got.

"It did help a lot to know that a lot of other people did love Jennifer," Rumbo said.

Students say teachers are having a hard time coping with the loss as well.

"The chemistry teacher, he cried. As soon as he found out, he was crying and it was just a really bad situation for him to lose a student," Briviesca said.

And because of the deadly crash, one of Jennifer's friends is hesitant about getting behind the wheel.

"Sometimes I feel like just not driving anymore," Briviesca said.

Students are supporting each other through this tough time, but there is one thing they won't deny.

"School has been okay,but everybody is going to miss her," Briviesca said.

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