Montana Vista Fire: Fire Fighter Sent To Hospital


POSTED: Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 4:25pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 27, 2010 - 12:34pm

MONTANA VISTA - On a hot day, fire crews spent the afternoon battling an even hotter fire. El Paso Sheriff's Deputies say flames sparked at Aveo Surplus Metals around one this afternoon.

We're told one firefighter was sent to the hospital, and at least two others were treated on scene for what may have been heat exhaustion.

It wasn't an ordinary fire. We're told people who live in the area had to be evacuated because of what may have been toxic smoke filling the air. Among everything that was burning at the recycling yard was plastic, and we're told that can be dangerous to breathe. Not only that, but the plastic creates another problem for firefighters.

"Once the plastic melts it creates a protective shell over anything that's burning, so it's impenetrable by the water. Our crews have to go in with hand tools to start breaking this stuff apart and get the water in there to completely extinguish the fire," Captain James Younger of the Montana Vista Volunteer Fire Department said.

Fire fighters from Horizon and Clint had to help out because the fire was so intense, and it still took more than an hour just to get it under control.

Tonight the job's not over for firefighters. They need to figure out how it started.

At last check firefighters were still putting out hot spots, and people who live in the area were allowed to return home.

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RGM my time,my gas, and my ass to save your ass just remeber that you tax payers dont pay me for my time or my gas or expecess but you sit ther and critisize me i put my life on the damn line every time my pager gos off all for the pepole of montana vista and this is how we are repaid! i was in the hospital for over 3 hours and you sit in the luxsury of your home and trash me for risking my life at that fire. GODFORBID you ever need help cuz if you did we would come running. your welcome!

these fire fightersfrom montana vista they never control nothing they just spent the tax dollars on getting offroad toys for them selfves. when you call them for help instead of helping they start to inspect you house to see what you have. i know this for a fact.

and we will challenge you to see who does the job better, you or us.
thank you RGM

I don't see you doing anything beneficial for our community, but sit and judge others. These firefighters risk their own life to save others life's and property, they do it on their own time, they use their own gas, and they are unpaid firefighters. i know for a fact, unlike you, that they have only ever had 1 off road truck, and if you ever have any further questions or comments we will be more than happy to give you a tour of our fire department

Hey, RGM, when was the last time you did anything for YOUR community except sit on your fat ass and complain?

Hey RGM I am sure the folks around the fire are sure happy that the professional firefighters that showed up yesterday were very happy that their houses were directly protected and that this fire was put out in a rather expedient fashion. If you don't agree with what they do maybe you should volunteer and educate yourself on the thankless job these men and women do putting themselves in harms way to save you the tax payer! By the way they do i for absolutely free!

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