Money saving tips for the summer months


POSTED: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 8:09am

UPDATED: Friday, July 11, 2014 - 12:01pm

Summer is in full swing, which means temperatures continue to rise and so can electricity bills.
"We have to have the air conditioner on all day long. It's very hot right now," said Beatriz Hernandez, an El Paso resident.

"We're paying 20 percent more than we usually do every other summer."

El Paso Electric said a few simple things can help cut those costs.
Using fans can help keep the temperature low. You should avoid using appliances during the hottest time of day and ventilate if using the stove top. Another big mistake is leaving unused items plugged in.
El Paso Electric said there are two big things that are often overlooked, insulation and solar screens.

Insulation can be done with a variety of materials and will help keep the hot air out.

"Thankfully, you know the house that we have...the windows...are pretty solid. Pretty thick, I guess you can call it. It doesn't let out the air," said Federico Anoberos an El Paso resident.

Eddie Gutierrez, with El Paso Electric, said solar screens are another tool that can be used.

"They're probably one of the most least expensive things you can do in your home and you can keep the heat up to 90 percent out," he said.

El Paso Electric also has energy efficiency incentive programs, which will offset the costs of  insulation and installing solar screens.

To enroll, call 915-521-4488.

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