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Mom Welcome First Child on Mother

Sunday, May 13, 2012 - 8:45pm

It was a busy Mother's Day around The Borderland, and for some people, this year was their first time celebrating as a mom.
On Sunday afternoon we interviewed a new mother less than one hour after she gave birth to her first child.
Daisy Nunez wasn't expecting to be a mom on this Mother’s Day when her son Daniel came a month early. 
"We were just having a dinner in the back yard with friends, so I was just walking out and the water broke,” said Nunez.

Nunez rushed to the hospital and gave birth to baby Daniel this at Providence Memorial Hospital.

"I was scared because it's a month earlier, so it's kind of scary, but I hope everything is going to be alright,” said Nunez.

Family friend Martha Aguilar says she was excited to hear the news.
"My little sister is all excited and she was like they are having the baby,” said Aguilar.

Both women agree baby Daniel is the perfect gift for Mother's Day.
"When he grows older, it may not land on the same day or something, but there is going to be sometimes when he is going to be able to say I was born on Mother’s Day. He is their first baby, so she is a first time mother on Mother’s Day, so I think that's pretty cool,” said Aguilar.

Despite coming a month early, baby Daniel is expected to be just fine.


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