Mom Turns To NM Organization For Help


POSTED: Friday, February 18, 2011 - 1:57pm

UPDATED: Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 6:26pm

ALAMOGORDO - An Alamogordo mother in jeopardy of losing her daughter is turning to a New Mexico organization for help.

Rosa Caje has been fighting a woman named Mary Bruer for custody of her daughter Olivia. Caje and her daughter lived with Bruer for a few months and because of that a court named Bruer the "psychological grandmother." The court then gave Bruer full custody of Olivia despite no state investigation or any apparent wrong-doing on the mother's part.

In December, a court finally ruled there was no reason for Bruer to have custody of Olivia. Bruer turned to Alamogordo Judge William Brogan to reverse the decision, and now Judge Brogan is holding the hearings in secret.

Caje says she can't afford an attorney so she will ask New Mexico Legal Aid for help. They provide free legal aid to some people in New Mexico.

We'll let you know what happens.

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My sister lost her custody battle with the biological father of her son because he had a lawyer and makes more money than her. I'll pray for you and your little girl, since i also have a daughter n it would be cruel for anyone to take her away from you.I don't agree with alot of today's laws and or Judge's rulings latley.But they do have lots of power and i wish they'd have a heart to go along with it.Good Luck n God Bless

I bet the NM judge who's running this circus wouldn't for one minute put up with a crazy old lady referring to herself as a psychological grandmother to his daughter. Maybe Judge Brogan has been smoking too much peyote because he's clearly a nut. As for Bruer, come on now, so your eggs have all dried up and you're longing to hold a young child in your wrinkly post menopausal arms. Why don't you get yourself a cabbage patch kid and call it even,this way no one gets scarred for life...crazy ol bat

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