Missing Man Found Safe

POSTED: Monday, November 2, 2009 - 7:24pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 3:25pm

"That day he was just...he just decided to go."
Aracely Velasquez has been through this before. It was the third time in almost 2 years her grandfather Ramon Rubio had taken off from his home.

Rubio suffers from dementia.

Last time he left, they found him in Juarez. So when he disappeared again, they automatically thought to look south of the border.

"We thought he was just around the borders or the bridge."

Ater searching for over a week, Aacely and her family couldn't find him. Ten she remembered how much he talked about wanting to go to his old house in the mountains. So with the help of Juarez police they set off, an hour southeast of the city.

"They don't get tv, they don't get radio, not even phone service up there."

When they arrived, they found some a shelter for the elderly at the base of the mountains. It was there they found Ramon sitting around chatting with some of his new friends. Some of the workers there told them the police had dropped him off.

"We went crazy, we jumped out of the vehicle and the vehicle hadn't even stopped yet."

But ramon didn't appear to be in good shape. He had bruises on one arm. The other one was swollen. He complained of pain in his ribs. Nobody knows why.

"He doesn't say at all."

Now that he's back home, Aracely says she and her family are once again trying to figure out how "best" to take care of him. They says they're considering a nursing home. They've even considered getting him a monitoring device to keep track of him. But for now, they'll just appreciate the fact he's home...

"Every night we would go to sleep wondering if he was still alive."

...that he braved the violence of Juarez and the cold weather...and survived.

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