Military Families Already Feeling "Government Shut Down"


POSTED: Friday, April 8, 2011 - 1:45pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 9, 2011 - 7:44pm

EL PASO - While the politicians bicker in Washington, military families here at Fort Bliss are already feeling a dent in their lifestyle, which is modest to begin with.

Fort Bliss soldiers say their latest 'leave and earning statements' show their next paycheck already cut in half. They were afraid to talk to us on camera because they feared getting in trouble. That didn't stop their wives.

"How are you supposed to feed and support a family when the most secure paying job in the nation just became volunteer labor?"

That's a question one Fort Bliss military wife posed to us today. She said soldiers like her husband have been ordered to continue working even if their paychecks are cut or even stop coming.

Another military wife told us Congress needs to get its act together.

"Figure it out, because people are in need, people have mouths to feed and children that need clothes. Just figure it out. These are military families and we depend on this money to survive. These men and women go out and they work every day honestly. They sign a contract to get paid and work for people's freedom, and half of these people put their lives on the line. So to not get half of their pay is totally unfair," Latasha Privotte said.

Privotte said this is also an added stress to overseas military members who support families in the U.S., because they can't do anything to help their wives, husbands or children.

Now soldiers worry they'll only be paid for their services until midnight.

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It's more important for them to fund abortions at Planned Parenthood than it is to pay the military. None of their funds were cut and when brought up by the Republicians, the Democrats in Congress threw a fit. Oh no you don't!

Let them keep up with these childish games. They do realize one thing will remain true.

The people should not fear its goverment, its goverment should fear its people.

We control the votes we control the country your just there for administration purposes so we don't have to do it so either get your act together or watch some riots happen and guess who's door we will be knocking on.

I could not agree more, they can't decide on whether or not military or other neccessary government agencies, but yet they ENSURE that they get paid. Let's say the military did half the work when fighting for THEIR freedom, what would they say then???

So much for the Change..... told you so people!

We never had this problem with George W. Bush.

These effects are because of Bush and now Obama is trying to pick up the pieces.

and wouldn't be having this problem if there were not so many ignorant Americans sending people like President Bush and the like to Washington to send our economy and our nation into a downward spiral that I personally don't see the way out of. . .If we can not find a way to unite as a people and make the decisions that will do the greatest good, I fear for our future. . . so sad

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