Mild Winter Brings Allergy Season Sooner

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 6:27pm

EL PASO- Mild winters all over the country are causing plants to bloom early, including the plants you're allergic to.

A local allergist told NewsChannel Nine he hasn't seen any patients with early signs of allergies just yet, but he says that it's just around the corner.

Many parts of the country have enjoyed this year's mild winter, including El Paso. The only problem is people with allergies aren't enjoying the early symptoms brought on by an early spring time.

"When it's generally mild the tree pollen starts a little earlier and with cold weather it starts a little later. To put it in perspective, we don't have much pollen here in El Paso during our winter time," said Doctor Mansfield. Good news for those prone to allergies but there is still reason to be cautious.

With warmer temperatures upon us, all of the dormant trees in El Paso are about to bloom and so Dr. Mansfield says the allergy season is just around the corner and El Paso's biggest problems are the mulberry and cottonwood trees.

"Mulberry's our big spring pollen, it's the one that really devastates people. It actually spread in most areas of the city except in the new areas where it's become illegal to plant mulberries," said Doctor Mansfield. Allergies can disrupt lives as many El Pasoans know first-hand.

Christina Guerrero started experiencing symptoms at the end of December.

"You know it's affecting me, I have to wake up early and fix some hot tea for myself," said Guerrero.

Doctor Mansfield's says avoid pollen if you can.

"If you're a jogger and we get in the pollen season you don't wanna jog in the morning when the pollen is high. You wanna jog in the evening when the pollen is low," said Doctor Mansfield.

He says depending on how severe your allergies are, use over the counter antihistamines or visit your doctor. Doctor Mansfield told NewsChannel Nine that one of the most common allergic illnesses is nasal allergy. Many of the symptoms feel like a cold, but end up lasting weeks or seasons long. We should expect allergy season this year to start at the beginning of March.

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