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Mexico President Talks Immigration Reform to Congress


POSTED: Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 11:13am

UPDATED: Friday, May 21, 2010 - 10:15pm

Washington D.C. - Mexico's President told congress that he strongly opposes a tough new immigration law in Arizona.

Felipe Calderon said Arizona police can now legally use racial profiling to enforce the new law and told congress comprehensive immigration reform is "crucial to securing our common border."

Overall, democrats stood and applauded the remarks while many republicans remained seated with no applause.

The new Arizona law is designed to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into Arizona, most of whom are from Mexico.

Also today, Calderon urged lawmakes to reinstate a ban on assault weapons saying that he respects the second amendment right to bear arms but many weapons are "not going to honest American hands..."

"I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree but also introduce a terrible idea using racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement.  I will ask Congress to help us with respect and to understand how important it is for us that you enforce current laws to stem this supply of weapons to criminals and consider reinstating the assault weapons ban."

The assault weapons ban expired in 2004 without having been renewed by congress.

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President Calderon coming into the United States and criticizing our own LAWS!. This guy is an idiot, and it makes my stomach sick watching all the Democrats (Congress)Nancy Pelosi etc. and Oh yeah Sylvestre Reyes a complete suck **ss bending over backwards for this moron. Try fixing your country first before pointing a finger at our own LAWS. I almost puked watching our Congress applaud this so called President. Calderon doesn't give a rats **ss about his people. We will not give the USA away!!

We truely need an American President that will stand up to ____like Calderon. Wasn't the focus of this meeting supposed to be about drugs and border security? Instead, the main agenda item is Arizona typical of President Obama not standing up for us! Where are his priorities.

Someone replied to me saying "its called freedom of speech..." Mexican President critizing our laws, I don't think he should have that freedom. It's not to his convenience, the AZ is a threat to him!

I can't believe that our president would let this incompetent jerk come into our country and criticize our attempts to solve problems created by Mexicans because he can't create an acceptable living environment in Mexico. If I were Obama, I would have told him to go back to Mexico and clean up his act. Don't come here and condemn this most logical and intelligent action in Arizona. Some thing has to be done. The American taxpayer is sick and tired of supporting the rest of the world.

Amen Brotha!!! The root of all the problems is that their own country failed them so now we have to support them because its SOB's like this that bring tyranny to Mexico and keeps its people slaves to the rich.


Calderon is idiotic instead of addressing congress and saying something like i agree with a need for immigration reform. Thanks for holding the border throughout my drug war,etc. He actually started preaching to those present. Amazing! If i was him id be apologizing for the state of my country and asking for help in stabilizing it to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants,drugs etc. Someone else made a statement on here that really rang true.BTW yes arm mexican citizenry so they can fight back

This moron of a president abandons his own people and then comes to our country and tells us what to do. He needs to practice what he preaches in his own country. We have our constitution to guide us does he understand that? But when I watched him addressing congress thoughts that creeped into my mind was "is this leading to the United States of Mexico" I hope I'm not living to see that day.

criticizing another. He didn't even have the testicular fortitude to give respect or at least acknowledge those innocents whom are killed every day in our sister city Juarez!

Mexico's President Calderon sure has a nerve running off at the mouth preaching about how his government has seized over 70,000 firearms & assault weapons that were traced back to the US. Heck he should turn over those firearms to the Honest Mexican citizenry so they can defend themselves from the drug cartels since he and his government are unable or unwilling to to do so. And as for his comments regarding the Arizona law, he needs to tend to his own affairs in his country before he goes critic

Why does Calderon think we care what he has to say about what we do in our country? He obliviously doesn't care about his country. Maybe he and his wife are looking for asylum to America because his country is a mess. Sure he misses his people,sure he does,look what’s being done for all the ones who haven’t left.I wonder if he has ever had to looked into abandoned ice crest, or tell a new bride her husband isn’t coming back,sure he cares, it's SO many will be killed today?

How is someone who can't handle and better his own country tell us how to do it. Obama should of said "give your people medical assistance, minimum-wage, child labor laws, fair houseing" If he did I bet that would of been a short dinner because he won't do it.

i agree with boxermom1925 100%

I doubt that Calderon has even read the AZ bill. Hell the Mexican law is way more harsh than the AZ bill is. Who's calling the kettle black Calderon. Look at all the Democrats and Obama slobbering all over Calderon, it's sick. One thing for sure, we now know exactly where the Democratic party stands, with illegal immigrants!!! Looks like the Democrats are selling out the United States to Mexico.

First of all its no longer a bill since it was signed it became a... a... lets see work with me here... A LAW! Where were you when the Republicans sold us out to wall street and corporations?

hold on, let me think as to what i think of his comments.
nope, he is an idiot, dont care what he says and thinks.

And what color does President Calderon think some of the AZ Police are? Profiling? Really?
Nowhere in the AZ SB 1070 does it state that using racial profiling for law enforcement is mentioned! Now if I were to enter Mexico (white, Irish/American) and was pulled over by Mexican Police, asked for my proof of ID/papers could I cry racial profiling? Come on, let's be real. We should NOT relax our borders at any cost. We should be adopting AZs law in the rest of our country.

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