Mexican tortillas outsell buns in the U.S., benefits local businesses


POSTED: Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 10:29pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 12:46pm

Mexican tortillas are now outselling hamburger and hot dog buns at grocery stores across the country.

"A lot of jobs that are created here in El Paso and across the country as a result of those products," said Joe Lopez of Lopez Marketing Group.

Americans pay roughly $2.9 billion a year for tortillas compared to $2.1 billion for buns.

"When the months get a little chilly like it's going on right now, it tends to be a little bit better for us because people like eating them nice and warm," said Ruben Sandoval from Vista Market Place in Horizon City.

Local tortilla factories like the one at Vista Market Place can't say they're surprised that tortillas have become so popular.

"Customers come from all sides of town just looking for our tortillas," said Sandoval.

"They've got a homemade taste to it that people really like and it's not only here popular in Horizon but all over El Paso," said Daniel Martinez from Vista Market Place.

"Actually better than bread if you want to grab something and throw something in it, it's just great," said Paul Arnett, a Vista Market Place customer.

The grocery store says their tortillas are made with tender loving care like grandma used to make, and as the smell of soft flour tortillas waft through the grocery store, customers flock to the counters.

"We're used to like from our grandparents and our mothers that every time, every morning we used to go to school they would give us a burrito for breakfast," said Rosa Perez, another grocery store customer. 

Vista Market Place says the number of tortillas they sell is too many to count, and lucky for them, the crowds keep coming back for more.

Mexican tortillas aren't the only Hispanic food outselling traditional American products - condiment sales in the United States tell a similar story... Salsa is outselling ketchup as well.

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