Mexican Cartel Blockades Roads in Monterrey


POSTED: Saturday, August 14, 2010 - 6:01pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 6:32am

Monterrey, Mexico - According to BBC News, members of a Mexican drug cartel blockaded 13 roads in Monterrey Saturday evening.According to Mexican police, drivers were pulled out of their vehicles and their cars were used to cut off the roads.

Police say the blockade occurred directly after an alleged shootout which killed four, between the Mexican army and members of a drug cartel. 

Local media say one of those killed was the man known as "El Sonrics," the alleged leader of one of Mexico's most powerful and violent drug cartels.

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Hope the US does not get totally involved until the mid east bs is over. We cannot afford to have wars all over the globe, even though the MX thing is knocking on our door.

I don't know GBPACKERS, while it may help the situation in Mexico legalizing drugs there may make things worse here. The United States has the highest number of junkies in the world. America needs to legalize marijuana, THAT would really hit the Mexican drug cartels in the wallet because then we would grow our own stuff and have no need for them. And yes, Texaswoman, why are we getting this news from BBC???

Isn't it strange that 13 roads were blocked and only four killed and no one arrested.The violence in Mexico is proof of the instability and corruption and the percentage of criminals caught per crimes committed is a joke.Its time Mexico legalizes drugs and hits the cartels in the only place they feel it, their wallet.

Why are we getting Texas border news from the BBC?

One drug cartel down. How many more to go?

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