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Mesa Vista Elementary Students Visit El Paso's Rescue Mission

Friday, November 16, 2012 - 8:01pm

Thanksgiving is less than one week away, and it's the time when most of us reflect on what we have. But, that may not be the first thing a child thinks of and that's why Mesa Vista Elementary is trying to help kids understand what the holiday is about. The school took up a collection for the homeless before their trip to El Paso's Rescue Mission. Sixth-grader and Student Council President Ricardo Cavazos says that the school collected and donated 1100 cans and 16 turkeys the mission before today's trip. Cavazos explains that in El Paso, the needy are visible. "I've seen a couple of people on the streets...they're right there...asking for money...some people give them a couple dollars and cents."

The Rescue Mission is a place that not only feeds the homeless, but helps them break addictions and return to work. After getting drug and alcohol treatment, the mission's wood shop can provide homeless with a steady job to help with the transition back into the work force. Rev. Martin is the Mission's Chaplin, and he says that the wood shop serves a dual purpose of providing work, and some of the funding for the Mission's operation. He says, "everybody we hire in the furniture factory was homeless. We don't hire anybody off the street. These are people who have been through the shelter, most have been through our drug and alcohol program."

The timing of this visit, couldn't have been better, giving the students the chance to realize what they are most grateful for this holiday. Ricardo Cavazos, sums it up. "Those people on the street...they want a place that is warm, where they have food.

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