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Menchies Frozen Yogurt on 'Undercover Boss'

Menchies Frozen Yogurt on 'Undercover Boss'

POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 9:28pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 28, 2013 - 11:43am

It's a show that puts employees and senior executives working side by side to figure out how to make companies better.
This Friday, local franchise yogurt shop, Menchies, will be on the show.

Jennifer Lutz will feel like a star.

"My first reaction was really, really excited," Lutz said.  "I'm still nervous.Ii still feel like it's not happening".

Lutz and Menchies will be featured on TV show 'Undercover Boss' Friday, October, 25th at 7p.m. on CBS Local 4.

The CEO of Menchies was pretending to be an entreprenuer when Lutz met him and showed him the ropes at the yogurt shop.

"I was like, oh, ok, that's so cool," Lutz said.  "I'm just going to be training him to see what happens and eventually I just find out he's my CEO and I was like what? That's not happening".

The East side Menchies and Lutz were chosen out of 50 stores in the country.
The filming process wasn't exactly what she imagined.

"It's just a realty check," she said.  "Like you're just, oh wow, no one shows that on TV".

What did they think was being filmed there?  Why were the film crews there?

"The story goes, we have a Hollywood producer call us up and it was a reality show that they're doing research and development for," said Menchies franchise owner Jaya Vaswani.  "They couldn't tell us the story line. All we knew is that it had something to do with a frozen dessert store".

Vaswani remembered the phone call.

"The moment we found out they did film our store for the show, we were more than excited," Vaswani said.

Lutz and Vaswani couldn't tell us much about what happens in the episode.

"I don't know anything," said Vaswani. "I haven't even seen a clip other than what was posted the other day".

Only that they hope to make their home city proud.

"I hope that I can say that we represent El Paso in the best way possible and nationwide everyone will get to see".

"It's just an awesome feeling to know that I'm actually doing something right and it only gives people a certain view of what really happens here in El pPaso and it's not always bad".

Usually on 'Undercover Boss', each of the employees who helps the CEO are given a gift or opportunity.  Lutz couldn't reveal what she was given.
Menchies at Rojas and George Dieter is holding a viewing party at 7 p.m. on Friday.


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Great show this time. I am madly in love with Jennifer

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