Men Rob Store for Charger


POSTED: Sunday, February 5, 2012 - 8:03pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 10:57am

EL PASO - Police say two men pulled a knife on a West El Paso Walmart employee, turning their crime of theft into aggravated robbery. Now police want them caught and held responsible for their crime.

The men were caught on store surveillance video when the robbery happened about two weeks ago.

Police say the men looked like they were just buying beer, but a store employee saw them pocket an iPod or cell phone charger.

"As they walked outside, they were confronted by a loss prevention employee. During the confrontation, one of the men pulled out a knife," El Paso Police Spokesman Javier Sambrano said.

The store employee backed off, and police say the two men took off in a white truck with New Mexico plates CF8-661. They were both Hispanic men in their 20's. Police described one man as heavy set with stitches on his nose. The other, we're told, had tattoos, including three dots near his eye.

If you know who they are call, Crime Stoppers at 566-TIPS.

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I don't believe it is EPPD's responsibility to sound the horn everytime something happens. It is the media's responsibility to periodically contact EPPD's public information officer to keep up with newsworthy incidents. It is disturbing that KTSM is the only media that informed us about the CBP employee that forced the school bus to stop on the freeway. What happened to The El Paso Times and the other T.V. stations that haven't even mentioned the incident

i thought there were still cops inside the walmart stores???

Also the Media is very lazy!!!!!!

I never read about this incident 2 weeks ago

It happened Two weeks ago????????

There is too much crime that is not reported to the media by EPPD.

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