Memorial Held for Cathedral Student Killed in Juarez


POSTED: Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 1:31pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 11, 2011 - 10:23pm

EL PASO-- Prayers could only offer some comfort for Cathedral High School students.

Many are still trying to come to terms with losing their friend and fellow classmate Carlos Gonzalez Bermudez.

Eric Valdez almost couldn't comprehend the news that Carlos, had been murdered.

The 16-year-old was shot and killed Saturday at a car lot in Juarez. Police say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 15-year-old Juan Carlos Echeverri, a former Cathedral student and Bermudez's friend, was also killed.

Many of the students who attended the funeral still live part of their lives in Juarez, like Bermudez did. 

Brother Alphonse LeBlanc has seen first hand how the violence has affected these boys. Students have turned to each other and their faith for support.

Valdez said for him each bead he prayed on his rosary had a special meaning.

Carlos' friends say he was a jokester who always made people laugh. For them it's important to remember the way he lived, not the way he died.

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sins of the father!!

For every killing\kidnapping\act of violence on the mexicans part to US citizens, close the border for one day. See if this does not get Calderon's corrupt government to act and take care of their money making war on drugs. What a Joke. Where is Hillary Clinton-State Dept, and Syl Reyes on this? Nowhere close, as not to upset the Corrupt Mexican govt. The Military can tell its folks not to visit Mexico, so can we, till the problem is fixed.

My condolence for the three families who lost their sons. This is outrage that the workers from that place did not do nothing. I am so sure they must also have guns to protect the dealership. Why they did not do anything? Juancarlos Jr's father is right. The community has to gather together like they are doing in Egypt and protest together this lack of protection from the police. This should have never happened. I hope this man does what he said the crusade and may be perhaps someone will turn i

This is Rasco I agree with Loco, cause I too pray the Rosary every night and just find this
killing just so close to my heavenly home that
i am about to embark on, yes I had an accident in jail where i suffered a hemotoba bleeding and
swelling of the brain went through head surgery
my whole was told i wasn't going to make it thru
the surgery but through the great faith in Jesus and the Holy Rosary yes i know the rosary by memory all of it and prayed that night i got hurt,

What on earth was this child doing in Juarez? This is the last place anyone should visit; period. Nothing good can come from going over there.
A tragedy that could have been prevented.

There is no excuse for the needless deaths of these students. The Mexican governments must be held accountable. For every American killed in Juarez, The trucking trafic on the bridge should be shout down, believe the cartel will take care of the murders real fast, and the family should place a suite against the Mexican government. As crazy as it sounds, isn't that what Sergio (the kid killed by the boder patrol)are doing in reference to his death at the bridge.

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