Meet El Paso's First Babies Born in 2011


POSTED: Saturday, January 1, 2011 - 10:05pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 8:37am

EL PASO - The Borderland welcomed it's newest residents just after midnight.

Baby Armando Jr. and baby Noel were the El Paso's first new residents in 2011. Baby Noel was born by c-section just 15 seconds after midnight in a planned birth. Baby Armando Jr. came the natural way just before one Saturday morning. Both of their parents say there isn't a better way to start off the New Year.

"He's actually my fourth, and every time I have a baby I get nervous and when I actually have them it's an exciting thing. I can't explain it," Noel's mother, Monica Perez, said.

"I always thought I'd be happy. Yeah, I'm going to be a happy dad, you know, but once it does happen it's pretty much the only thing you think about," Armando Jr.'s father, Armando Bravo, said.

Both baby boys are healthy, and they are expected to go home very soon.

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My God, how ever this baby came to life is just wonderful. If you are a mother you know how special is to have a baby no mater how you have it. Just a big congt's to th Bravo family bless you and your family. He is just so cute.

Birth at which Facility? Each year it seems the same area Hospitals claim the coveted New Years or Christmas infant. More than often by a planned or suposed emergent C-section. How convient. What of the laboring mothers who vaginaly delivered the true new Years and Xmas children?. wishing every happiness and good tithings to those mothers and thank god for your precious bundles of joy. The real Xmas and Christmas birth babys.

How do you know if this woman was in labor 13 hours before her dr opted for a csection? Planned csections are usually not done at midnight. C sections are very painful surgical procedures. Just because the baby wasnt born vaginally does not make her any less of a mother.

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