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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 12:59pm

Mayor Cook Refuses to Talk to NewsChannel 9


POSTED: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 3:57pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 8:23am

El Paso Mayor John Cook is shutting his door to Newschannel 9.

Today, one of our reporters tried to interview him but he would not speak to her on camera.

The mayor's staff then told our reporter that the mayor isn't talking to our station because of some of our previous coverage.

We aren't sure what stories upset the mayor.

We'd like to ask him, though.

The last time we mentioned Mayor Cook, it had to do with poop alley.

That's when we confirmed through his office that the mayor had known about migrants defecating in a downtown alley for some time.

It's still a problem the city has not cleaned up.

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Big Old C.O.R.N.F.L.A.K.E.

Sir, Mr Cook quit being such a pansy, and acting like a baby! If the news thought this was newsworthy its because ur admistration wont do anything to clean it up! So quit crying mr cook!!!!!

clean it up we don't live in a 3rd world country, i don't think that is something tourist would like to see when they come to the Sun City

typical indeed.
c'mon mayor - we're not all as dumb as you think.
at at some point, you need to stop banking on apathy

Who does Cook think he is? A king? A tin pot dictator? Don't let him get away with this! Don't let Cook control your news!

Any story involving his highness can be covered by interviewing others. In fact I'm sure the other side of any issue would be glad to talk to you and your report could end: "But Mayor Cook refused to talk to us about the issue."

If he suddenly starts granting interviews without first making a formal on air apology to you the public will think you caved.

Mayor Cook should be embarrassed that people in our city have no place to go to the bathroom. But then this is the same mayor who during the freeze this winter was flying around Tx saying why should he be in El Paso for our freeze when people had no heat or running water because, "I am not a plumber." What he is is an As$hole who should be booted out of office.

Typical politician reaction when things aren’t going their way. Ha, ha, trying to excerpt power by giving someone the cold shoulder. Mr. Cook, you can do that with your staff or other politicians but not the media. El Paso is yours, therefore "poop alley" is yours and you need to own it. Look at it as an opportunity to turn it around and make yourself look good. Take your guitar out there and play some tunes to raise money to clean it up.

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