Mayor Cook Clears Up Confusion About Baseball Plans

Mayor Cook Clears Up Confusion About Baseball Plans

POSTED: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 8:25pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 9:09am

After Tuesday's City Council meeting, Mayor Cook took a moment to clear up a few things, regarding what he calls his misinterpreted comments about his support for the ballpark plans.

A few days ago El Paso Inc published an article citing Mayor Cook's alleged threat to veto the ballpark deal altogether if the hotel tax doesn't get passed. He says that's not the case.

" But you can't really ask me one question and interpret that as a position on another," said Cook.

Mayor Cook said his support of the ballpark plans is obvious.

“ On whether or not the team will be a benefit to El Paso if we get a triple A team, I think it certainly would be. It's a quality of life issue that when people are evaluating whether or not they are gonna move to a city they look at those venues like that," said Cook.

He says the ballpark is a done deal as far as city council is concerned.

"The city council has already taken the action to authorize the demolition of city hall, that's a done deal. They've already authorized the building of the stadium and identified all the funding sources including the alternatives to the HOT tax if that's not available," said Cook

He shared some alternatives like the enterprise fund for the bridges, parking, downtown parking garages, and added ticket fees.”

Overall the deal looks promising.

" I think the negotiations are going well both with the league and with purchasing the team," said Cook.

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