Marmolejo Trial Testimony Ends

Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 5:07pm

EL PASO- Two hours, two witnesses, and that's a wrap.  Day 9 of the David Marmolejo trial was the shortest one yet.  It began with a bit of surprise.

The prosecution was expected to recall Mariah Wilson to the stand. 

You'll remember her testimony from yesterday, where Marmolejo's ex-girlfriend and step-sister told the court she helped David get rid of his mother's body.

But DA Jaime Esparza chose not to question her anymore, and the trial moved on.  This time it was to Manny Marmolejo, David's older brother.

He testified for about half-an-hour, describing his actions the weekend Gloria Marmolejo was killed.

He said that he had plans with his mother that weekend, but she abruptly cancelled on him, saying "I have some stuff to take care of.  I have to go home early."

It was then she came back to El Paso.  But Gloria had warned her son not to tell David that she was on her way.

He also talked about David that weekend, and how he consistently denied knowing where his mother was. 

Manny then left the stand, and the prosecution rested its case.  After a short break, the defense called only one witness, Officer Granillo of the El Paso PD.

He told the court about how he inspected Gloria's car after her murder, and described the evidence he found.

He left the stand about five to 11, and that was it.

The defense rested their case, and the jury left the room.  The trial is set to pick up once again at nine o'clock sharp tomorrow.

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