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Marchers Plan More Anti-Immigration Protests


POSTED: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 12:23pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 25, 2011 - 10:29am

AUSTIN, TX - More protests are planned by thousands of marchers opposed to more than 60 anti-immigrant bills at the Texas statehouse.

Yesterday, the marchers said some "extremist" lawmakers filed needlessly discriminating legislation aimed at the Hispanic population.

From Arizona-style immigration enforcement to forcing schools to report undocumented students, people at the rally fear the future, saying Texas is just making it too tough to live here.

The latest census numbers show Texas is 38 percent Hispanic.

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You never see us US citizens (crying)protesting that do you? Besides, crossing the border iligaly to have children here is been selfish on your behalf. You do what you do best, which is Using your children as a ticket to stay in the United States so we can give you a work and worry free life. So Stop you whining and get a paaport and get to work

I have to agree with you fhero.Im a US Citizen born in tex &has workded since i was 16yrs old.I've paid taxes all my life as well as for medical insurance,doctor &very expensive daycare for my kid.I am not upset but angry,to know that iligal aliens get to have free shelter,food stamps &free health care for them and their children.Free lawyers when needed &full college scholarships.We have to pay for everything we want &/or need and we have to get loans if we want to get an education.

AGREED!!! now maybe people who were born here will actually have more benefits?? now maybe OUR children will come first for once ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL! "Texas is making it too hard to live here."!!!! You mean too hard to get everything handed to you?!?! GO Texas!!!! Get them out of here! Don't let the rest of Texas turn into El Paso! Being here illegally is a CRIME! What don't you people get about that? We have our own problems and tyou are making them worse! GO HOME!!!!

Finally Texas is getting balls to take control of all the lost money we give to undcoumented illegal immigrants.

Stop crying for something you never had a right to. Its not human rights we are denying we are denying you from using the states money for your own personal gain when you don't even pay back into it.

Pay the same taxes and be required to have insurances like i do and then we will listen.

Its cold but the truth.

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