Man's Kitchen Catches on Fire; Causes $50,000 in Damage

Man's Kitchen Catches on Fire; Causes $50,000 in Damage
Friday, October 19, 2012 - 9:16am

An Elderly man awakes to smoke and flames in his own home in the Lower Valley. If it wasn't for the sound of breaking glass the man would have slept right through the fire the took over a part of his house.

"This gentleman was lucky enough tonight to be able to be woken up and exit the house," Battallion Chief James Fanning tells News Channel 9.


Fire fighters say flames erupted around midnight Friday at a home on Parral Street. "Yeah it was pretty weird, it's a really quiet neighborhood so we don't really hear this really often," Nadine Cordova, a neighbor says.

Neighbors also woke up to the sounds and smells from the fire. "It's a little scary that the fact that whatever happened could like over like to my house since we're so close together," another neighbor, Angelina Gomez states.

Fire Officials estimate the damage to be worth around $50,000. "We worked for about 10 minutes before we were able to place the fire under control. Fire did start in the kitchen," Chief Fanning says. The fire also extended into the attic, "It took a little bit more time to pull ceilings to make sure the fire was completely extinguished," Chief Fanning further explains.

Within minutes the fire caused significant damage to the old house and fire officials add it was all due to an unattended stove.

"I'm just glad somebody got it in time before anything worse happens," Gomez says.

Now fire officials wants to remind everyone how integral a working smoke detector can be to saving lives, "that will give you the extra time you need to safely exit," Fanning advises.

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