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Man's Insurance Policy Ran Out


POSTED: Monday, February 28, 2011 - 6:17pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 6:40pm

EL PASO - One man gave hundreds of dollars for car insurance to someone he thought was an Allstate agent. But then he got a call from Allstate saying his policy ran out - and he's not the only one.

The insurance company is now investigating after they received several similar calls from customers. One local agent I spoke with says she knows of at least thirty people affected.

Rick Medel insured his five cars with his friend and former Allstate agent, Victor Hernandez.

"The first month I know we were insured, but then after that, I have no idea," Medel said.

The problem is, Hernandez stopped working for Allstate in December, but Medel said Hernandez was still accepting payments. He says he noticed one red flag after another.

"We never got our cards, he always printed out something to show if we got pulled over," Medel said. "It was mainly all cash all the time and he would write receipts, it was always meeting him somewhere."

Medel found out his insurance ran out when he went to an Allstate office.

"They told me, we're not taking your payment because you haven't been insured in 60 days," Medel said. And he might not be alone.

"When I told them who my agent was and the problem, they automatically said 'Oh this is another Victor case,'" Medel said.

We called Hernandez, and he told us he admits he let Medel's insurance run out but says he was holding onto the money because he was going to become an independent agent. He also said Allstate's been in the loop the whole time.

But in a statement a spokesperson from Allstate said," We did not talk to him. He has attempted to call us but we have not been responsive because we are examining our legal options."

After Hernandez heard word we would be calling, he reimbursed Medel for over $800. Medel says while he's glad to have his money back, he's not sure if anyone else is waiting for theirs.

"Anything could've happened and it would've been worse," Medel said.

Allstate says they'll reinstate any policies that expired because of Hernandez. If you feel you might be impacted, send us a message by clicking on the link below.

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I'm sure this person just wanted to get HIS story about but it doesn't apply to ALL people insured with him. Some people just WANT to be the good guy, Medel was a perfect example

I did not know of any cases similar to this and I had been insured with the same agent. He kept me, as well as my family, posted on anything new. He called us to inform us he would be leaving the agency and he would support us in switching to a different company or staying with Allstate and simply switching agents. I don't believe his story was represented rightfully

Fuel the fire or not, people got swindled and whether YOU like it or not, they have the right to be DRAMATIC, inform the public via NEWS and SENSATIONALIZE the actions.
IGNORANT people like you (if you weren't so ignorant) would know that

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