Man Tries To Bury Veteran Father, Local VA Says No


POSTED: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 6:36pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 21, 2010 - 12:00am

EL PASO- NewsChannel 9 gets results tonight, after hearing about one man's struggle to give his father a proper burial.

Larry Moore's dad passed away on November 4th. He was a veteran of the Korean War, and his son wanted to give him a military funeral.

But after weeks of fighting, the local V.A. said his dad wasn't eligible for one, so he came to us for help.

When Oscar Price died, son Larry expected a military funeral. But after applying for one with the veteran's administration, wife Rebecca was told it couldn't happen.

"She told me she had to give me the official denial that he could not be buried at the National Cemetery at Fort Bliss."

The reason? The V.A. couldn't find service records for Oscar Price, a requirement for a military funeral. But here's the catch.

Price was treated at Beaumont Army Medical Center for years prior to his death. He even had a V.A. issued ID card, confirming his veteran status and authorizing all of his treatment.

"If there's no paperwork that says yes he served, but he was treated as a vet, why can't he be buried as a vet?," Rebecca asked.

Larry's father was treated at Beaumont after he proved he was a veteran. But Oscar suffered from Alzheimer's, and lost the only official certificate he had confirming his service.

To make matters worse, Beaumont was supposed to make a copy of that certificate, but never did.

"It hurts that my father would not receive the proper burial that he deserves because someone failed to do their job," son Larry told us.

So we made several calls this morning to the V.A., who said they'd re-open the search for the records.

Just six hours later, results. Oscar Price is set to be buried in Fort Bliss National Cemetery next week.

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A wonderful story, a welcome change. Good work, KTSM.

Thank you channel 9 News, for assisting my family during this time of need. I reside in the DFW area and we saw what you did for them. We really appreciate it.

Eddie Moore, Jr. & Family

Way to go NewsChannel 9. You have restored some of my lost confidence in you. Keep assisting those that can not do it themselves.

Patriot Guard Riders - El Paso would be honored to be of service to this Hero and his family if the family would like us to participate.

I am e-mailing the station with my information.

Thank you, and thank you Mr. Price for your service...

Jamie Bayley
Senior Ride Captain
Patriot Guard Riders

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