Man Stabbed Seven Times on Cincinnati Ave

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 5:51pm

Across from UTEP, the Cincinnati Entertainment District has often been in the news for violent brawls as the bars let out, for gunfire, and last night, a stabbing attack.

We know that a fight on Cincinnati ended in ambulances taking 19 year old Esteban Villa to UMC after suffering seven stab wounds.

Today, people spent their lunch breaks on Cincinnati Street as as if nothing dangerous had happened just a few feet away.

"It makes me a bit scared that happened in my very own neighborhood. I don't like to see it happen, I like the businesses to make money but not at the cost of someone getting hurt," said a local El Pasoan Monica Benjamin.

Another woman, Mary Wells, was heading to lunch when she heard the news. She said it concerned her that people were at risk in this area.

" Shocked, concerned for the people involved.... and concerned for the young people who come here frequently to enjoy themselves and relax. This is a very unusual thing to happen here in El Paso, it's an unusual thing to happen in what I would consider to be a safe part of town," said Wells.

Jessica Escalante owns the clothing store J.Luxe across the street. She knows things can get rowdy. There have been shootings and other violent attacks in the entertainment district before.
" You have bars doing specials and two dollar you-call it's. Something like that you know its gonna happen if people are drinking heavily. It can happen anywhere," said Escalante.

People are hoping for an end to late-night, violent crime in the entertainment district.

"Surprised, I've been in El Paso, moved here from Houston, where a stabbing might be considered more commonplace, but in El Paso, it's an event, not a habit here," said Brian McDonald.

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