Man Found Dead; Mauled by Dogs


POSTED: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 6:25pm

UPDATED: Saturday, January 29, 2011 - 4:13pm

Sheriff's Deputies can't confirm whether the man was killed by the dogs or if he was already dead and the dogs were feeding on him. They do believe the victim was homeless.

"They were directed to a make-shift shelter where a deceased male was located in that property," Tovar said.

His clothing had been ripped off of his body. He had dog bites all over and one of his arms had been chewed to pieces.

Stray dogs aren't new to this area, neighbors say it's not rare to see pit bulls and other dogs roaming the streets.

"There are occasions where there are a lot of dogs around here. Some are owned by neighbors who don't take the necessary precautions and other dogs are from people that leave them here to keep them away from the city," Gutierrez said.

"There's a lot of loose dogs out here ranging from pit bulls to other vicious animals and there's a lot of home owners that keep animals unrestrained, unconfined and unvaccinated," Tovar said.

Neighbors say the victim was an older man who was a part of their community.

"He had lived around here for the past 18 years. He was a nice man. We considered him our friend," Gutierrez said.

Some even looked at him like their protector.

"He helped us. I have a lot of trucks here for my work and he helped me watch over my property," Gutierrez.

The man's body will undergo an autopsy to reveal if the dogs killed him or if he died on his own.

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Pit bulls have a long history of being vicious. Regardless of the owners. They were bred to kill bulls in Britain and Normandy in ancient times. They are strong ferocious and they kill, period. No amount of love from humans will keep these poor animals from attacking. They do not fit in today's society. Not if you don't want your children or innocent people killed.

"The man's body will undergo an autopsy to reveal the killed him or he died on his own'? Any chance of this writer checking his sentences before printing them? Do people really die on their own?

Pit bulls are not vicious animals..its dogg owners in el paso that leave them to roam the streets that makes a great dog change their ways. I feel for the man cause I'm sure he has family just like every one else..he's no longer in the suffer he's in a better place.........

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