Man Dead in Northeast El Paso Shooting


POSTED: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - 5:24am

UPDATED: Thursday, May 6, 2010 - 10:45pm


El Paso - One man is dead in a Northeast El Paso shooting.

Police say the man was shot after he broke into a home at 8024 Tonto around 5 a.m.

Police say a family with children were in the home.

One of the family members was on the phone calling 9-1-1 while another got into a fight and shot the intruder.

The burglar is described as a man in his 20's.

He died a short time later at William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

Neighbors describe the area as safe and trouble free and add that something like this hasn't happened there before.

More details as they become available.

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As a personal friend of the family whose lives (not only home) were intruded into, this is a very sad time. I am married and a mother of two and am so proud of my friend's actions. It is basic human instinct to protect your family, no matter how. Honestly he is my hero. On the other hand, I have prayed almost non stop yesterday and today that the family is able to find peace. This is a tragedy all around and everyone involved needs prayers or positive thoughts (whichever you believe in).

Anyone who can't see why they need a jury for this is a simpleton. Sure, on the surface, it's justifiable: Homeowner kills burglar. However, what if Homeowner already subdued the burglar then executed him out of anger? That would be murder. What if the burglar was actually the wife's boyfriend or a person the homeowner owed money to? If you think it's open and shut, you aren't seeing the possibilities.

Doesn't matter if the burglar was subdued, then "murdered", as you call it. The fact that anyone breaks into your home for any reason is grounds for a shooting to take place IMO. If the guy was the wife's boyfriend, all the more reason to shoot him. If the guy has to see the wife that bad that he can't wait until the husband is not at home, then he deserves what he gets.

U must be an idiot.WHAT IF u woke up to a stranger in ur bedroom at 4:30am? What if the 1st person u see is an intruder and you have no idea on the status of ur children? This man was in the act of committing a crime. What if the intruder WAS NEVER HEARD AND FOUND THE CHILDREN'S ROOM? Would we be reading a differents story? Base ur opinions on the facts that were provided to u! Not on all these what if's. The only what if u need to be concerned with is WHAT IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOUR FAMILY?

Now we shall see how El Paso handles the Castle Doctrine Law.

The family are well respected members of our community, my thoughts and prayers are with them so that they can begin the process of moving past this horrific event. I can't say if my home had been intruded at 5am that things would have turned out much different.

This a great and loving family.thank god that he protected his wife and children. I hope he knows that he made the right decision. I also hope that the family is not being put through the ringer by law enforcement. And there should be no reason it should be going to the GRAND JURY. If this family needs support this city needs to be there for them as they are the victims. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

What would have happened if they were not armed and prepared for the illegal invader. I am so relieved we are not grieving the loss of life of the homeowners. It could have been much worse.

This family has been victimized and will have to suffer from the fear and anxiety for who knows how long. This news outlet and all of the others who posted this family's address should be ashamed. They were victmized, first, by a criminal in their house and now by the news media for enabling every scumbag friend of his to know,exactly, where they live. I'm sure the family thanks you for your outstanding attention to detail.

I guess our county officials will be boycotting homeowners who defend themselves against law breakers. He was just breaking in to have a better life. At a tax payers expense. Poor thing.....

Yea, wonder if I would be let go scot-free if after being caught robbing a bank I would tell them that "I just want a better life"?

That takes care of the problem...
Gotta love that instant justice.
Live by the sword, die by the sword.

To the victims, sorry you had to go through
this, such a sad state of affairs.

Yes. Let us ALL remember who the true victims in this tragedy are. And it's not the man lying under a sheet or his family. PLEASE! I do not want to see an interview with his family crying because he was always such a "good boy". Try interviewing the friends and family of this poor couple and their children about how they have been terrorized.

Broke INTO a home at 5 am? Well it's sad to say but he did put his life on the line by breaking into a house. Was he going to rob the house, rape the women, or even kill someone?

I hope that the DA from El Paso will see it as a home owner was protection his life and his proptery.

Now I hope the El Paso Times will look into this to see where this man is from? Is he a US citizen or an illegal alien?

I sure would like to know that myself. Titanic is (to my opinion) the worse street in El Paso, there is a bunch of brake-in or crimes against persons in this street. I say bravo to the person who shot this purp. Its time for El Paso homeowner to take the bull by the horns and take care of their home without being prosecuted for defending their family and their home. When I came here 32 years ago, El Paso was a peaceful town, now we are being invaded by hoodlooms and gangs.

This was a good shooting.

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