Man Charged With Murdering Foster Daughter

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 5:45pm

A foster parent is accused of killing an 11-month old baby girl.

Police arrested 27 year old Antonio Lopez early this morning, for murdering his 11 month old foster child Saturday.Only after an autopsy showed the girl had been stomped and kicked in the abdomen. Investigators say just after 3pm on Saturday, an ambulance was called to the home where 11 month old Jayla Beckley was having breathing problems and had suspicious markings on her body. A neighbor across the street knows the family.

"The ambulance came and the fire truck came and they took somebody but I couldn't see who it was," said Martin Romero.
The ambulance took her to UMC where doctors tried to save her, but the little girl died an hour later. investigators say she was kicked and stomped on in the abdomen.

Sandra Luna lives down the street but didn't know them personally.

"Very quiet neighborhood, we've lived here for a little over a year and I mean nothing really happens, occasionally I'd see people you know, they'd come out of the house but not really a lot of activity," said Luna.

Antonio Lopez, the foster father, denied having anything to do with the fractures in Jayla's skull, multiple ribs, or the tears in her liver from being kicked.

"The system needs to really do a lot more investigating background. A lot of families sometime do it for the interest the financial interest behind it, and these poor children are the innocent victims," said Luna.

The affidavit says eventually Lopez, confessed that he took Jayla out of her crib, placed her on the floor and "stomped on the victims abdomen with his foot."

After he put her back in the crib he then decided to tell his wife and call 911.


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