Man Burns Down Own Home


POSTED: Friday, May 21, 2010 - 8:37pm

UPDATED: Sunday, May 23, 2010 - 3:08pm

NEW: Cause Determined

Montana Vista - Fire severely damaged a home at 15564 Zane Richards in Montana Vista.

The fire was so dangerous, neighbors were evacuated for a time.

Smoke poured out of the house after the fire destroyed it...

"If you have bees call an exterminator to take them out, don't use a flame thrower."

A lesson learned for 39-year-old homeowner Lucias Ramos.

Firefighters say he had a beehive near his home so he used gasoline to burn them out.

We are told he was not paying attention and the side wall of his home caught fire and started spreading, ultimately destroying his two story house and leaving his wife and three children out on the street.

It could have been worse.  Firefighters barely saved a neighboring house from burning down...

"It was already in flames, the next door house was in flames too. The roof was on fire too, and that's the one I tried to put out - the house next door."

"Almost had another house burn down. The protocol for Montana Vista is if you come out and there's a structure with exposure we protect the exposures so we don't have a second house catch on fire which the crews did. They did a really good job."

Ramos watched as firefighters did what they could to stop the fire but he did not want to talk to us about what happened.

Deputies are not sure if Ramos had insurance but they say they have ruled the cause of the fire as reckless burning...

"Unfortunately in this situation the individual burned down his own house."

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Can of raid.....$3.25
or calling extermenator....$120
Using gasoline and burning down your house....


We can not believe Mr. Ramos used a FLAME THROWER to but out the bees!What in the right mind was he thinking!?Now his family is homeless!Citizens of El Paso Texas never use a FLAME THROWER!!!!!!!!

What an idiot! He wanted to save the cost of hiring an exterminator. Even with insurance it won't cover it. What was this man thinking?!

ok so now that hes homeless. DEPORT THIS IGNORANT FOOL

sorry I wrote "be" insteed of "bee" and I also want to say that I am very sorry for the bees.

this was so recklessly done. If you have a bee hive next to your house, you call the Animal control, and they should be able to send a person who can remove the hive without hurting it. We need these be for our ecology. Killing them is a crime against this earth. Thanks to the firefighters for saving a lot of homes.

some times we go the cheap's not always the best way.

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