Man allegedly throws woman off third floor balcony in East El Paso


POSTED: Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 7:39pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 4:08pm

Geomel Shaffa, 21, is charged with Attempted Murder

Officers arrested an El Paso man for allegedly throwing a woman off the third floor balcony of an apartment in East El Paso.

Police said Geomel Shaffa, 21, got into a fight with Mariza Shaffa, 21, at an apartment on Viscount and Braham Saturday morning. They said it escalated and Geomel Shaffa threw her off the third floor balcony and she landed on the gravel below.

As police officers were arresting Geomel Shaffa, they said he also punched an officer in the face.

They charged Geomel Shaffa with Attempted Murder, Assault on a Public Servant and Resisting Arrest. His bond is set at $600,000.

Mariza Shaffa had injuries to her ribs, skull, upper back and lung. Paramedics rushed her Del Sol Medical Center. Police did not release how the two are related.

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Sounds like they should have "tuned" this hoodrat up a little more!

These men can't control their temper and do not think about the consequents - JAIL !!!!
Also, the women need to learn not to escalate the argument because she's not win against a
man, all they accomplish is infuriate him more and risk being killed !!! Leave your argument for
later when he cools down. I know it's hard to keep quiet but think about the alternative !!!!

surprise...another Bliss thug.....the uniform doesn't bestow: honor, respect, civility, decency..

Where in the article does it mention Fort Bliss?

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