Man Accused of Stabbing Wife to Death Speaks to Newschannel 9


POSTED: Friday, June 17, 2011 - 9:05pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 9:01am

EL PASO - We have new insight tonight into El Paso's latest murder; the insight, is being provided by the accused killer.

Brian Engleton is in jail tonight for the stabbing death of his wife, Diedre. He claims, she's the victim of her own undoing.

Just as Brian Engleton was being taken into the El Paso County Detention Center this evening, for allegedly killing his wife, the 42-year-old suspect told a Newschannel 9 photographer, that there was plenty of blame to go around for his estranged wife's death.

"Her mom, her sister, friend Carol, the guy she was having an affair with, all of them are responsible for this," said Engleton.

Diedre Engleton was stabbed to death yesterday at the beauty salon where she worked. Less than 24 hours later, police cornered Engleton at a Northeast El Paso motel, and arrested him today.

Those close to the victim told police that Engleton was the killer, and that he had threatened his wife in the past. Police are confident they've got the person responsible. However, the suspect, seemed ambivalent this evening, when he was asked what he expected to happen to him.

"I'll see whatever the court says," said Engleton.

Family and friends of the victim told us that the Engletons had been having marital problems, and that she recently had a restraining order against him.

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Well I guess he is a million dollar man now.... too bad he had to kill the mother of his children no matter what she ever did bad or not cheated or not she didnt deserve to be killed the way he did he is a coward and he will get what he deserves... R.I.P. are in peace now and godbless your children you will see them again in the the kingdom of the Lord ....

You all picked the wrong person to piss off she claimed he did that first assault after he closed her saloon down yeah he was wrong for killing her but maybe her sorry freind Carol should have just went to welfare for her sabb story.

Why does everyone keep blaming everyone else? He is where he belongs. He will get what he deserves in jail where someone can do him the way he he did his wife. He won't be so tough then. Nobody is ever justified in taking one of GOD's children out of the world. Only GOD can do that himself so her husband will pay for his jealous and lowsy ways. A man that is that weak to kill or hurt a woman deserves what they get. That is a sign of weakness when you can't accept your divorce and leave it alone.

How Bout That Seargent Major she was having affair with? How does he feel? And his wife?

How about the Sergeant Major and his wife. People always try and drag a person down and drag their names in the mud when they are gone and not here to defend themselves. Maybe you should ask the Sergeant Major and his wife. What about all of the people this idiot murderer was running around with. He can do everything under the sun to this woman but can't take it back. As I said, the true signs of a coward. I bet he won't do that to the MEN that he will share a prison cell with. They will do him.

What Brian did was horrible! His selfless act has caused great heartache and pain for her daughters, grand daughter, family, and friends. As I sat in her home over the past few days with family and friends, we shared pictures, memories, tears, and laughter...we celebrated Deidre's beautiful life. You have come to the end of your destructive road and now its time to pay for heartache that you have caused. may your selfless act haunt you everyday of your life!!!!!! R.I.P. Classy D <3 <3 <3

Well after all said, unfortunately she is dead, RIP... and he will face his punishment for his stupidity. The only ones who need peace and strength in their heart is her children. My deepest condolences.

Diedra, he pushed me out of your life and told you lies about how I left. For that I am truley sorry. I knew you wanted to save your marraige and there wasn't much anyone could do to convience you otherwise (not then). You were a strong woman and I still love you. I am greatful for all you taught me. You showed me more than any other in this industry. I am truly thankful God brought you into my life and now my sister, you can rest in the Arms of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

To everyone out there the love of money is a very evil curse.Deidre did not deserve what my brother did, not any female deserve that.For my neice Iam truly sorry for that Godless man but from what i know he loves you,but he loved money more and I'm sorry for that.I would like for you to stay strong with your sister and know that you are always in my prayers i will always be here for you if you want me to.Always remember if a man EVER puts a hand on you he dont love you or himself.Walk with GOD.

When I first moved to El Paso 4 years ago, Deidre was the first person to make me feel like this is home. She always smiled and catered to me in only a way that Deidre can. My love for her was more than just a friendship she was my sister. Death to Brian is to easy.......

Can someone tell me when the memorial service is going to be held? I would like to be present and pay my respects...

Deidra you will always be loved and missed, your strength and kindness to all that knew you is well appreciated.As for Brian God can and will do far worst to him than any Judge sentence.You can't kill a child[Deidra] of the most High God and think it will go unpunished. Rest in peace my Sister I will miss seeing you in Church. On that Glorious day when we ALL get to Heaven I will be praising the Lord and Rejoicing with you, for this world will be no more.I thank God for putting you in my life.

regardless of whatever the situation was between this "man" and his wife, that gives no reason at all to commit murder. accept the fact that things arent going to work and do what u can to move on. I have never known that to include murder. again no matter what the situation. My best goes to this womans family and friends in this time of loss.

I happen to know that both the Barbershops (Ice Cube) and Beautyshops, (Queen Latifah) can be breeding ground for gossip and resentment towards both male and females. Recently on " Everybody Hates Chris" the little sister Tonya got a job at the beauty salon and when she came home she asked her dad if he had a girlfriend on the side and if its true that all men are no good" ? And the parents asked her, " where did you hear that kind of talk, child ? " She, Tonya, responded, " at the beauty shop "

I to had known Deidra, for almost 15 years she did my daughters hair when she lived here, also cut minds from time to time. I will miss her smile when she was holding down her post in church or anywhere I saw her. She tried to work things out. It takes two, to want things to change.Playing the blame games is not going to change the fact that he stole her live. Now their daughters have lost both parents, so sad, the devil is busy. We as christians have to get on our job.

Cmaine33: Don't lie. "No basis"? False accusations of domestic violence are prevelant when vindictive psycho women want to do the ONLY #1 thing that can hurt and destroy a man to the core: take his kids away. That restraining order kicked him out of his home, away from his children, etc. without due process. Although what he did was evil, she also committed an evil. When a woman kills a controlling hubby, we applaud. She controlled him in the worst way.

I'm sorry my friend but with that comment you couldn't have possibly known them or there would be no way you could say anything close to that. She did not take his child away. She tried so very hard and for so long to make things better @ home and there was abuse way before her death. Diedra doesn't need any justification in her own death that is ludicrious. You obviously have some anger issues of your own that should be dealt with.

1st thing pulling a gun on her are grounds for a restraining order. 2nd thing is he killed my aunt not because he loved her but because she was his meal ticket for the the last 16 yrs. The only thing he gave her was his name and her daughter. Her talents supported their family and Brian's many hoes and when she finally woke up and realized it he took her life because he had nothing without her, he couldn't maintain his d nothing pimp life style without the bread winner.....BASDTERD!!!!!!

ChildrenAdvocate: First of all, you can stop defending him. He verbally abused her and put his hands on her and that is a proven fact. Second, she didn't take his daughter away at all, he spoke to his daughter. His daughter made a decision not to talk to him because of the way he was acting toward her and her mother. That is also fact. Deidre didn't control him in anyway. He was acting a fool for a very long time. There's no "basis" in anyone's comments. We knew what was going on!!

Why didn't she just leave my brother alone, he gave her everything she had and then she ruined him. I'm sorry for my niece Jasmin your dad loved you guys and if he did do this it's because they pushed him to insanity.

Your brother is a coward and that's all there is to it. What kind of man puts his hand on a woman let alone kills them? Men are physically stronger than women and those that put their hands on a woman are weak and they act cowardly. Then the cowardness comes out when he blames everyone but himself. Someone who has not worked in 16 years of an 18 year marriage did not give anyone anything, it's the other way around. He is not insane and he does not seem remorseful. He knew what he was doing.

She was Trying to leave your brother alone he would not allow it what kind of Man kills the mother of his children that he claimed he loved and then wants to place the blame Elsewhere..... HE WAS CHEATING GOT A CHILD WITH ANOTHER WOMAN THAT IS NOW 2 YEARS OLD WHO RUNINED WHO LIFE SISTA!
...YOUR brother ruined her life then TOOK HER LIFE get it right!

I am not sure what your brother told you but this is not hear say, these are first hand encounters your brother abused my aunt cheated on her 2 many tmes to count disrespected her in front of her family and stole from her but what did she do she stood by her husband because she was a child of god. She was guilty of 1 thing thou believing he would change. He gave her nothing he has not worked since I can remember. Truth is he did this 2 my aunt because she finally saw him 4 what he was nothing.

You only knew what he told you!!!! But we saw and lived the abuse your brother gave D for years. So shut the ^&%K up!!!!

Sounds like a crime of passion took place and the suspect does sound somewhat remoreful, however resentful of the people, places, and things, that escalated this case of domestic violence. There were mitigating circumstances.

He is just a selfish man. Never cared about her, the family or his. She was his bread, butter,and shelter. He hasn't worked in 16 years and was a latch key man, and when she decided to unlatch that burden he snapped. He deserves the death penalty, but I hope it will be 18 years b4 his punishment (death) is applied. That's how long Deidre was in hell dealing with this piece of man called her husband. DEE, U can really RIP he will reap what he sowed. Your soul can now be joyful in the Lord.

That's topical of you Brian. You never take responsibility for your actions as usual. How about all the times people caught you with other woman in clubs cheating. How about all the times you stole money and used it to support your spending habits. So now your being a punk bitch and blaming everything on Deidre. What a losers way out. I hope you burn in hell!! When the ADA shows his case to the grand jury you won't be laughing than. You sorry piece of wasted carbon and skin.

I think this article could of included the quotes of this very disturbed man, in a much better context. The profile of this type of man is something all women should learn to recognize from the first instance. Very chilling, and how horrifying that this woman was probably a prisoner of this hell for who knows how long.

He sounding real stupid in this interview. No matter what he says, nothing can make this be acceptable. He chose to take the life of his wife over what, him feeling he was wronged? This did not have to end this way and Diedra will be missed. I was a client and part of her church family. But I also considered her a friend. RIP Diedra and may GOD be with her family during this trying time....

I have been a client of hers for years and she has been putting up with his crap for as long as i have known here. She was finally trying to have a life after 18 miserable years of marriage. He figured if he couldn't have her than noone would. CONTROL!!! His bread and butter was slipping away. He was losing control and couldn't handle it anymore....Bastard. Deidre, RIP and I love you. Rest assure, your daughters will be well taken care of!!

Fuck that there is no one to blame but him i am a friend of ms deidras daughter all he is trying to do is make himself look innocent he can burn in hell... hes is not innocent he was planning this for some times,..

There is no excuse to take a life, don't try to put the blame on someone else. Wrong is wrong n she had a restraining order on you for a reason. I don't care what anybody else did. They did not take Deidre life away you had no right, i went to Beauty School with Deidre and she was all Heart. RIP my Dear Friend Deidre from one Powell To another. Xoxoxoxo

He needs to accept responsiblity for his actions. he took the life of his daughter's mother for no reason. I have been a client of Mrs. Deidra since January and those ludicris statements make him sound foolish and crazy with no basis.

Am a close friend of the family and Deidra was like a sister to me and all these family memebers and friends he is blaming is not true a statement.They are a ;oving and caring family and all they wanted for her was to be happy and safe.You are the only one attending your pity party Brian. You will always be what you are selfish,uncaring,human being because you are not a child of God.

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