Man Accused of Beating Up Wife Over Facebook Account

Man Accused of Beating Up Wife Over Facebook Account

POSTED: Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 4:31pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 7:32pm

EL PASO – Police say a man beat up his wife after she discovered a secret Facebook account he was using to contact other women.

Officers say 32-year-old Kibrom Gebregziabher attacked 37-year-old Yordanos Tesfai Tuesday evening when she confronted him about the account.

Gebregziabher allegedly punched her in the face, bit her on the head and choked her.

Gebregziabher also took a cell phone away from Tesfai as she was dialing 911 for help, according to police.

A neighbor called police after hearing Tesfai screaming.

Gebregziabher is charged with Assault Family Violence Impede Breath/Circulation and Interference with an Emergency Call.

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iknow this girl from kidane mehret school. she was one of the smartest student. i do not know how she end up with this kind of relationship. the other things that surprizing me is she is not 37 years old. i am older than her. wow everthing is weired. hope she is not deppresed. Anyw way this guy has to learn from his mistake.

He is from Eritrea,, and he need to be in jall......

Unfortunately there is particularly pronounced culture of domestic violence and more generally the subjugation of women among the Tigrai ethnic group (located in the north of Ethiopia), of which Gebregziabher is a member.

That's a stereotype Nardos. Not sure what statistics you are basing your facts on.....Unfortunately there are women who suffer from domestic violence across all regions of Ethiopia crossing all tribes just like everywhere else in the world, women fall victim to mentally unstable men/partners. This is a global issue.

How about rooming him with 6'6" 300lbs Bubba in jail? This wife beater will learn the value of being a wife.


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