POSTED: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 10:49am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 2:46pm

"Mail to the Chief" Philadelphia students send letters of encouragement to Obama

Instead of Hail to the Chief, it's "mail to the chief".

A group of Pennsylvania students have written letters to the new President that will be hand delivered to the White House, and presumably read by Barack Obama.

The letters were written by teacher Kelly Lannutti's 7th grade language arts class
At Ancillae-Assumpta Academy in Wyncote, Pennsylvania.

"Stop the war in Iraq," and "I would ask that you reconsider your position on abortion!" were just two of the many suggestions for Mr. Obama.

Health insurance, taxes and gas prices were also frequent topics.

"I didn't realize that the weight of that was on the shoulders of people so young! That's what struck me the most," Ms. Lannutti said.

Some of the concern comes from TV or around the dinner table, but most of the words came from the heart.

"I think that you should keep you composure while you are in office and do not get too flustered!"

"When making your decisions I think you should deeply consider how they affect
the children of America," wrote Francesa Manel. "They are the future of this nation!"

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Sir i agree with what you are trying to do with the health care bill, but you have to be fare to all at the same time making sure earyone gets the same coverage ,but not if insurance keepes going up we cannot aford it now , it hard to pay your premumies and all the restof it

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