LULAC Organizes to Fight Arizona Immigration Law

LULAC Organizes to Fight Arizona Immigration Law

POSTED: Friday, April 30, 2010 - 8:10am

UPDATED: Sunday, May 2, 2010 - 11:43am

Las Cruces - Several civil rights organizations including LULAC are in Las Cruces today to announce their strategy to fight Arizona's new immigration law.

The League of United Latin American Citizens calls the Arizona law unconstitutional and a danger to civil liberties.

"We in New Mexico and across this nation are appalled by this egregious action," said New Mexico LULAC director Paul Martinez.  "This law will exacerbate racial profiling with impunity.  It is an unfounded mandate that will require law enforcement, if they form a 'reasonable suspicion' that someone is an illegal immigrant, to determine the persons' immigration status."

New Mexico LULAC with Somos un Pueblo, NAACP, New Mexico Federation of Labor and other civil rights organizations will hold a joint news conference in Las Cruces today to express concern and urge New Mexico Hispanics to protest Arizona's action.

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The arresting of illegal invaders isn't tolerated but the shooting of Sheriff's Deputies is.

Why would anyone even consider negotiating with anyone that never gets around to keeping their word on any of the immigration laws of the past? What would be the point? This is like the people that got caught by their own rules while playing games as children. Every time they would get caught in one of their old rules they would start in on a big speech for a new rule. They never would pay up on being caught on the old rule. Just what are we still doing dealing with these liars?

Well, you know if the police ask ALL persons that are stopped for ANY reason then it is not profiling is it?

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