Monday School Closings/Openings

Monday School Closings/Openings

POSTED: Monday, February 7, 2011 - 3:43am

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 3:45pm

Severe Water Shortage Main Cause

UPDATE: 5:47 a.m.  El Paso City Hall will have a delayed opening at 10am with limited services.

EL PASO— Due to the Borderland's severe water shortage, many schools are closed to students today.

However, school employees must report to work on Monday. Contact your supervisor for confirmation.

El Paso Water Utilities is asking area schools, colleges and universities to cancel classes for Monday.

NewsChannel 9 has compiled the following list of closings/openings:


  • YISD
  • SISD
  • Clint ISD
  • Canutillo ISD
  • San Elizario ISD
  • Gadsden ISD
  • Tornillo ISD
  • UTEP
  • EPCC (all campuses)
  • Day Christian Academy
  • Burnham Charter Schools
  • Paso Del Norte Academy
  • Vista Del Futuro Elementary
  • Da Vinci School
  • St. Pius Catholic School
  • Lady of the Valley Catholic
  • Immanuel Christian School
  • Alamogordo's High Rolls Mountain Elementary
  • Northeast Christian Academy
  • Harmony Science Academy Schools
  • El Paso Academy Charter High School
  • Loretto Academy
  • Christian Joy Center Pre-School & Academy
  • Holy Trinity Catholic School
  • Our Lady of Assumption Catholic
  • Jesus Chapel School
  • St. Matthew Catholic School
  • International Business College


  • Fabens ISD
  • Anthony, TX ISD
  • Las Cruces Public Schools
  • Alamogordo Schools (except High Rolls Mtn. Elementary)
  • Vista College Computer Career Center
  • Western Technical College
  • Christian Pre-School & Daycare
  • Just for You Daycare
  • Trinity-First Weekday Ministries

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is there school foe thee kids tomorrow?

EL Paso Water Utilities needs to open a second Water Desalinization Plant to improve water ouput to our city. It is critical as weather conditions will only get worse year after year. Also, I hope our city is prepared to deal with the massive rain storm that are headed our way in July and August. Flood and Storm drains will need to be improved to cope with the large amounts of flood waters that are headed our way. El Paso also needs to get a fast start on building our new solar power plant.

I agree they need to realize El Paso is becoming a bigger city the number of people living in El Paso has increased

el paso, texas.
rated #1 smelliest and ugliest people in the U.S......
with no water, we just made it #1 world wide...

Did you ever think that if you shut down these many different kinds of business even for a day; let alone almost a week like the schools, what it would do to the people, who work for these companies, who are barely making it? The same people who won't get paid if they don't work! How about all the people who need to buy items, use hospitals, and such forth? Sometimes we all have to sacrafice, but for any business being shut down, it affects more than just the affects everyone!!!!!!!

Everyone should quit with the BS. If you could do a better job of running the city then run for office and prove it. Until then sit down shut up and let the people in charge do what they have to do. If the city has water issues and they close a large number of schools etc: people complain. Now change it up, they don't close anything and a bunch of people get sick, what will the people do? that's right complain, so the city cannot do right for doing wrong.

hahahaha all these comments make me laugh. El Paso is sooo lame and unprepared BOTTOM LINE...everybody should admit it and not get all butt hurt when people say they hate El Paso!

everyone who complains about el paso and whinning about the water and electricty or even b**ch about how bad el paso is. the only problem about this ordeal is...the PEOPLE WHO ARE TAKING CHARGE of the power and water and el paso itself. there are more places who dont have both because of mother nature. Yes I do agree that the mall should be closed and other places who take up more power and water. we do need the hospital, our soldiers, police. we DONT need resturants or malls open.

Oh El Paso, you're never ready.
This city evidently doesn't know how to spend our money.

This is very hard with school and day cares closed as well. YWCA Branches are closed and when i spoke to the director last night she stated she didn't know if they were going to still charge parents for the 4 days that the day care was closed. I understand things happen but I've been out of work for 4 days as well. Do you think it's right to still charge parents for care that was not given.


is there goin to be school on tuesday???

I received my second call to conserve water at 2:15 this morning. While I appreciate the efforts being made to get us through this ordeal, I hardly think that 2:15 is the appropriate time to call.

Not sure why business's and schools are being closed? If you don't flush a toilet at school, you will flush it at home??

I heard about the water emergency on saturday evening, my family has been abiding by the "rules" about not showering, washing dishes, clothes, or anything else that could use up the water. My phone rang at 7:00 Sunday morning with a "reminder" notice from 911 Emergency Broadcasting, then again at 11:00 Sunday night. We were all asleep and when we were woke up to be told NO TO USE the water once again, I was not pleased! REALLY, 11:00???? I talked to 9 people that didn't even know about it!!!

Hi.I was watching the tv report on aron ralston,the guy who cut off his arm so he could get out of the canyon and survive,it was very interesting and when the last 5 minutes of the program were airing,you guys interrupted the program and started talking about the weather in el paso,something you had already been talking about for hours before.I thought that it was very rude from your part.You don't do that to your viewers,its very disrespectful.You should apologize immediately

Okay, understanding the water emergency... stuff happens! Why just ask the schools? It should be ALL businesses including Wal-mart, Big8,the mall, Albertsons, Ft.Bliss, Aafes, and all else that apply! If you close the schools, kids go to daycare because the parents are still going to work at the up and running businesses. Day cares are going to be using water. An average running restaurant could possibly use just as much as any school. Everyone is so concerned about losing money.

Suck it up people of El Paso. There are other places in the country that go without water and electricity during times such as these. Be grateful for what you have rather than what you don't!

Under the open catagory you may put Cathedral on there.

so im watching tv and a strip on the bottom says " this schools are oppen blah blah blah EXCEPT for 2 elementry schools and vista college" so what i will like to know is am i going to go to school tomorrow or what

I don't understand why some of the places opened are not complying with what the city has asked of us! All places should have a mandatory close so we are not without water!

Understanding the El Paso Electric Co, i have to give them cudoe's for their efforts.
the weather that has taken it's toll, has hit many industries and personal areas in the city. each one seems to not have been ready for such an event, and each one seems to have situations that they want to feel is being ignored, they are not ignored. if each one in the city would realize that this is a group effort, and each one should help instead of complain, then we would be a city, not individuals.

wow you people really impress people new to the city.this was just a mild stop compared to what some who moved here are used too.come on 4 in of snow and they act like the end of the world is here. and some of you made good points ill agree.the city needs to step up. and those of you who are complaining you are just showing the rest of the cities population your IQ level. grow up quit complaining and act on it don't sit on you butt do something to prep your self for the next time this happens.

I agree as well. Yes, nobody was prepared for something like this, but it happened already. Deal with it. let them do their job.

i agree a 100%

Does Anyone know if El Paso Country Day school is closed monday? I got an Email for my brother that he does have togo but i wasnt sure since the whole water thing is happening. Its a smallprivate school,but i wasnt sure i recieved the email at 2:14.

a few days of cold weather brings the El Paso infrastructure to its knees. ironic? unexpected? doesn't matter. what should really concern the citizens of this incredibly poorly run city is, given the evidence of this past week, what would happen if we were to experience a REAL crisis. three days of freezing temps should never destroy electrical and water distribution capability. whining is useless when you've no water or power. given our elected officials, this is exactly what we deserve.

Does anyone know if Cathedral high school is closed for tomorrow?

According to cathedrals website school is open on monday, go irish.

UTEP will also be closed on Monday, February 7.

does anybody know if socorro schools are open or closed today? didn't see it in the list, in particular Campestre.

Are the carwashes and the laundry mats being asked to close? They were both open and running today. How about public pools and gym showers? There are many ways to conserve water through out the city than just closing the schools.It will really send a message to our youth if the schools are closed due to conservation, but the carwashes are open.

Got an email from UTEP. They ARE closed tomorrow.

The workers for the epwu and El Paso electric should be commended for their hard work and dedication. However, the leaders of these organizations should have planned ahead and placed restrictions that were unforced prior to the public losing all utilities. Somethings can't be planned but most things can be avoided with proper leadership.


i think that all major places should be closed too mall, walmart ect closed too they use a lot of water too what about daycares? they end up with all the kids that didnt go to school and there goes the water saving!!!

Ft. Bliss has a training holiday on Monday, FYI.
Do I understand why the city was not prepared? No.
BUT, we all have to deal with it since we live here.
Thank God we are all free to move around the country and find a better place to live, except if you are active duty and forced to make due.

is burges high school open or close this monday??

Burges High School, part of EPISD, will be closed on Monday.

I've lived here for 30+ years. El Paso has always sucked. Now, it sucks harder. Complete incompetence of city management, heads outta role over this. Can't wait to retire and F@#& this place!

It's the citizens of a city that make their city what it is. If you're the type of person to sit/stand back and complain or criticize then that will the experience you'll have - "outside looking in". El Paso weather is better than most other places, there is a lot of culture and lots to do (if you get out and involved). There are negatives to everything (down and bitter people) everywhere. Good luck finding your Utopia!

Why wait till you retire if you don't like El Paso why don't you move now. We don't need people like you here.

Why retire just get the ______out of here. El Paso doesn't need people like you who are so negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Im amazed Utep is would think they would be considerate for those who dont have water runnning in their homes.

UTEP is on the CLOSED list.

Im drinking and bathing in my urine. whoo kinda cold!

Harmony schools will be closed Monday

Everyone should turn there water on and let it run until Ed Archuleta is FIRIED! He has been on the Golden Pay plan with the city of El Paso for to long! He is the highest paid water manager in the State of Texas! El Paso wake up and quit being taken advantage of! TURN YOUR WATER ON!

I understand your discontent with the current management. However, this suggestion would cause hardship on the community and not the person. Work to remove the person without jeaperdizing the community.

I agree with you! We can show are discontent without screwing ourselves!

Is anyone in the media able to post ideas / locations to resupply water? I don't have family in town and the car is unreliable, and I will need to resupply water tomorrow.

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