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Police Search for Car Hi-Jacker

    El Paso Police are searching for the suspect involved in a car jacking in northeast El Paso. It happened after 2:00 this morning on the 5700 block of Hemingway. Police say the suspect high-jacked a persons car and drove off.

Canutillo Eagle Football Team Heads to Lubbock

    The Canutillo Eagle football team is getting ready to make the trip to Lubbock for the 5-A state semi-final football game. The Eagles will face off against the Ennis Lions Friday.

Chrysler expands airbag recall to Texas, Louisiana

Chrysler is expanding a recall of cars and trucks with the deadly Takata airbags.

Will we see the Geminid Meteor Shower in EP/LC?

Attention all stargazers! This weekend may be a great time to take out your lawn chair and enjoy one of the most incredible space phenomenon this year.

9 Online: 2015 SAG Awards nominations

It's time to take out the glitter and get creative with gram and Gramps old sweater because today we are celebrating another year of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Two fish-filled Italian dishes that are simple to make

Linguini With White Clam Sauce Ingredients: - 7 oz olive oil - 2 tbsp chopped garlic - 6 anchovies - ½ cup chopped parsley

Trout Scores TKO

The fight will never make any highlight show but it will go down as a victory for Austin Trout.

Petition for city ID in El Paso is received with mixed reaction

A push to create a city ID card for undocumented immigrants is getting mixed reaction.  On Wednesday the Border Network for Human Rights launched a petition for municipal ID's.

Families of fallen soldiers treated to holiday trip

A group of military families from Fort Bliss who've lost a loved one are getting a special gift this holiday season.

Sheriff's office says it won't investigate probation facility

The El Paso Sheriff's Office has decided not to investigate an El Paso probation facility.

Report: Former El Paso police officer changed story about deadly shooting

An El Paso police officer who shot and killed an unarmed, handcuffed prisoner at the El Paso County jail admitted during an investigation that deadly force wasn't warranted.

New low mortgage down payments unveiled for first time home buyers

Home ownership across the country is at the lowest it's been in over 20 years, but a new announcement from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could bring some relief. 

If You Must Protect a Plant in a Freeze, Cloth or Plastic?

If you find yourself facing one or several nights well below freezing, with lows going down to 20-25 degrees F or even colder, and IF you have plants that might be susceptible to damage in a hard freeze, then you need to make some decisions abo

Elementary school wins bench in recycling challenge

One school's baggage has now become their bench. Sageland Elementary's Microsociety in the Lower Valley won the 2nd City of El Paso 'Bags 2 Benches' challenge, bringing in 290 trash bags filled with plastic bags.

At UT-Austin, brains aren't all that's scattered