Las Cruces

Man sentenced for role in molestation, videotaping of sexual acts with young family member

A 35-year-old Las Cruces man was sentenced to 21 and a half years in prison after molesting a family member over an extended period of time and allowing his boyfriend to engage in sexual acts with the young boy while he recorded the encounters.

Band needs your help finding Borderland woman dying of cancer

 A California cover band needs your help finding a mystery woman after they played a show in Las Cruces on January 24th at Hurricane Alley.

Las Cruces schools bracing for Monday protests

Las Cruces Public Schools are bracing for protests and student walk-outs planned for Monday at schools across the city.

Crowdfunding is a popular way to make dreams come true

Crowdfunding has become a popular way for people to come together to lend a helping hand financially. Many are turning to sites like GoFundMe, including many here in the Borderland.

NMSU offers university-wide sustainability minor

Beyond the growing trend of “going green,” New Mexico State University has caught on to the universal movement transforming the job market for graduating students – a movement that benefits the student, the university and the

Thousands of students to protest standardized tests

Thousands of New Mexico students plan on cutting class Monday to protest the state's new standardized tests.

Trinity Site open house now twice a year

Trinity Site, where the first atomic bomb was tested, will once again be open to the public twice a year, with the next Trinity Site Open House scheduled April 4.

Operation Desert Snow nets five Dona Ana County fugitives

Dona Ana County Sheriff's deputies in conjunction with the U.S.

Grant available for Las Cruces area filmmakers

Aspiring filmmakers may want to investigate the Roy W. Dean Spring Grant, which is now accepting applications. The deadline for grant applications is April 30.

LCPD urging citizens to stop leaving keys in unattended cars on chilly mornings

Some Las Cruces residents are nearly giving thieves the keys to their cars.

NASA rocket will launch tomorrow out of White Sands Missile Range

Tomorrow morning, a NASA Terrier-Black Brant research rocket will lift off from White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico, carrying an experiment to study ionization in space just beyond the reaches of the Earth's atmosphere.

11,600 New Mexico residents impacted by data breach

More than 11,000 New Mexico residents have been identified as victims of a huge hacking attack.

Las Cruces hosts Spanish Market for first time

If you are an art lover, Las Cruces is the place to be this weekend. 

Transgender woman to become first to marry in Las Cruces

The wedding bells will be ringing Saturday for what is going to be a historic marriage in Las Cruces.

DACC East Mesa Campus evacuated due to bomb threat

For the second time in a week, students at Dona Ana Community College East Mesa Campus are being asked to evacuate campus. This time, due to a bomb threat.