Dentist recommends starting children dental habits early

EL PASO- February is National Children's Dental Health Month and dentists want to bring awareness to parents to start hygiene practices as early as possible.

Wes Bransford, DDS, said the sooner the better when it comes to making a first appointment for a child.

"The guideline really says when the first teeth start to come in," Bransford said. "Laying a foundation of (children) coming in with their parents, and being familiar with their environment is always makes things smoother."

Bransford said good dental hygiene is all about starting early, and parents shouldn't only focus on cleaning teeth alone. 

"Using a simple wash cloth, and there's some very simple toothbrushes that almost look like thimbles," Bransford said. "Using that with just clean tap water, cleaning up teeth and gums is good to establish some sort of routine."

In worst case scenarios, Bransford said, infection and hospitalization can happen even to the smallest patients. He said it's important to keep those cleanings up at every age.

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