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Clint Begins the Clean Up After The Storm

Some people in the small town of Clint don't have a place to sleep tonigt, this after heavy rains this afternoon ravaged their homes.
"Everything is ruined from what the fire department is telling me they evacuated us they shut off the water the gas electricity and said no one in there period cause it can collapse from one minute to the other," said Mata a home owner in Clint.
Mata tells me 9 people live in this home - including 5 children.
He said he has called the Red Cross and is hoping him and his family will have a place to stay tonight.
But for now nothing is certain.
"It can happen to anybody in this area, I guess," Mata said.

 A few houses down Luis Hernandez was helping his family clean up after the heavy rain.

 "In Clint unfortunately the fact that there's no side walks there's no drainage this is just something you can't prevent Mother Nature takes over," Hernandez said.


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