Local veterans protest against shutdown

Local veterans protest against shutdown

POSTED: Sunday, October 13, 2013 - 1:53pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 14, 2013 - 7:00am

Today marks the 13th day of the federal government shut down. Federal monuments and parks all around the country remain closed.

Earlier today a group of veterans showed up at WWII monument in northeast El Paso in support of the million veteran march in Washington.

Many upset El Paso veterans decided to speak out about the government's conflict in congress and demand answers.

"we are here to show our support to keep our veterans facilities open our veteran memorials open and kind of a protest against the government for being so stupid," veteran Phil Mucha said.

Veteran Kenneth Koether says the government's disagreement is disrespectful to them.

"I think that everyone that's trying to keep up with what's going in Washington can only feel the same say either that or they don't know what's going on." Koether said.

"It is disrespect yes these people work for us but they sure don't show it do they," Mucha added.

The group is advocating for the immediate re-opening of memorials and monuments. They say if it's not done soon it may be too late for many.

"If a vet comes to Washington today and was turned away that vet may not be able to make another trip," group organizer Harry Tenney said.

And while congress continues to meet, Texas senator Ted Cruz joined the protest in the capital. He says politics should not affect those who fought for this country.

"Why did the federal government spend money to erect barricades to keep people out of Mt. Rushmore our veterans should be above politics enough games," Cruz said.

Congress has until Tuesday to fund the government before bumping against its projected borrowing limit economic. Experts say it could severely wound the economy in to the brink of recession if this happens.

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