Local shoe company launches new shoe

Local shoe company launches new shoe

POSTED: Friday, August 16, 2013 - 7:20am

UPDATED: Friday, August 16, 2013 - 7:22am

Spira's new Duck Dynasty shoe is through A & E Network's Project Startup and Rockethub.com

Spira Footwear (http://www.spira.com/) and RocketHub (http://www.rockethub.com/duck) announced the introduction of a new running shoe collection based upon the popular A&E Network television show “Duck Dynasty.” The line will feature Spira’s patented WaveSpring Technology and the duck camouflage pattern from the show, and will be available through the crowdfunding platform RocketHub.com beginning August 16.

“The Spira team has worked hard to create a better running shoe - and build their authentic brand from the ground up. Now through A&E Project Startup and RocketHub, Spira is collaborating with Duck Dynasty to share a wonderful story of entrepreneurship and empowerment,” said Brian Meece, CEO and Co-founder of RocketHub.com.

This is the latest initiative of A&E PROJECT STARTUP, which is designed to showcase up-and-coming brands and new technologies. This is the first time that network television has been directly involved in a crowdfunded project, and will include a television commercial that will air on A&E, social media and website presence that will all feature the new Duck Dynasty shoe. All of the filming for the initiative was done in El Paso by a New York based film crew. “A&E did a phenomenal job of showcasing El Paso and was genuinely excited to be here,” said Spira CEO and Co-Founder Andy Krafsur.

“The biggest challenge for any entrepreneur is the opportunity to tell their story, said Krafsur. “We’re grateful to A&E Project Startup for discovering us and helping us along on our journey. A&E is one of the best story tellers on the planet and the Robertson’s are remarkable entrepreneurs. Like the Robertson’s, our business is a family business. My wife, Holly and I co-founded the Company and work side by side.”

The Spira story itself typifies the entrepreneurial journey of many small businesses. “I had been a runner my entire life, and ran competitively in high school and college. But by my early thirties, I was so beat up after a run, I would have to take a week off.” said Andy Krafsur. “I had been a practicing attorney for 17 years. I will never forget the first time I tried on what turned out to be the very first Spira shoe. It was a crude prototype with the WaveSprings duct taped into a cut open midsole. I put the shoes on and shot around on our basketball court for a couple of hours and suddenly realized my legs were completely fresh. I knew at that moment that my life’s calling was to bring this phenomenal technology to the world. I left the practice of law and have been pursuing my life’s purpose.”

We’re proud to be from El Paso,”said Krafsur. “Our company is owned by the El Paso community. The majority of our almost 300 shareholders are El Pasoans.”

Spira shoes are premised upon a patented technology called WaveSpring. The WaveSpring is a lightweight, laterally stable and compact spring, which is placed in both the heel and forefoot of all Spira shoes. The WaveSpring not only cushions, but returns energy, allowing people to participate in the activities with far more comfort and less stress and strain than traditional footwear. In addition, the WaveSpring will not break down and provides a “new shoe” feel for the life of the shoe. A recent pilot study found that runners who run in Spira shoes had reduced heart rate, respiration rate and oxygen consumption from their shoe of choice and the participants in the study were able to run 20 seconds per mile faster with the same amount of effort.

Fans of Spira and Duck Dynasty will have the opportunity to pre-purchase the shoe at a substantial discount. Once the project achieves its $100,000 funding goal, A&E will donate $20,000 to America’s VetDogs®, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides service dogs for disabled veterans and active duty personnel.

The Spira campaign will continue for 90 days and offer a variety of deals for supporter of the project. For more information, visit www.spira.com. The project itself will launch on August 16, 2013 on www.rockethub.com/duck.


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