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POSTED: Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 6:43pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 15, 2013 - 3:52pm

The heated debate for immigration reform continues as it heads the House of Representatives, republican house members have said they won’t support the senate bill and will craft their own, but what are local political parties saying about it?

Immigration reform continues to be one of the most polemic issues between democrats and republicans, the question many are asking now is, how long will it take congress to reach an agreement?, some republicans are asking to delay discussion after August’s recess the white house political pressure however is rising.

House republicans gave the senate immigration bill a strong upside rejection; republican leader John Boehner said the bill won’t receive GOP’s support.

“I don’t believe that the triggers for border security are appropriate and it’s going to allow a process to start and continue without the border being secured” the speaker of the house said.

Border security has been one of the most critical issues on the table, republicans are asking for more security; former congressman Silvestre Reyes who was also head of border patrol in El Paso disagrees.

“The borders in my opinion have never been more secured, statistics bear that out, but reality is that republicans have that as a wedge issue” Reyes said.

“They want to start building that fence again that’s the catch why are they going to spend that kind of money, use that money for education, use that money for healthcare, use that money to help the poor” El Paso democratic party chairman Glenn Maya added.

The Republican Party elections administrator in El Paso says that while border security is needed there is also a misperception of the border in his party

“yes definitely but getting Washington to understand is something difficult, we try to explain to them, I think that hiring more people is not the solution having more agents probably won’t be the solution I would suggest that we use our technology” El Paso Republican Party elections administrator Bobby Peña said.

Democrats in the house and the bill’s republican sponsors are hopeful an agreement will be reached.

“We are ready to negotiate, we are ready to talk, we are ready to sit down with you negotiate and bring this issue to conclusion” said Senator John McCain.

The White House is also continuing pressuring the house republicans; they released a report on Wednesday saying the senate immigration bill would boost the U.S economy and help create jobs.

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