Local organization offers support for grieving families


POSTED: Sunday, January 26, 2014 - 3:54pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 27, 2014 - 9:18am

It happens often whether in a car accident or a tragic event. The loss of someone can be painful and difficult to bear.

That was the case of Ida Talamantes. She lost her son Jeremy almost two years ago in a terrible home accident with a gun.

"He had an accidental fire arm accident that occurred in our home, we blame ourselves you know having a fire arm that was not put away properly so there is that guilt,” Talamantes said.

Ida said her life turned upside down and finding comfort was almost impossible.

"Literally you shut your doors, you close your windows and your curtains and you don’t want to hear from the world, losing my son the way we lost him there's day we didn't want to go on without him." She added.

But hope came after she met Terry and Robert Gallardo. Both of them were inspired to lead Compassionate Friends of El Paso after they lost their son Michael in a car accident.

"He was killed in a motorcycle accident in Dallas, Texas we were devastated," Terry said.

The organization is helping people like Ida trough the grieving process. Gallardo said it's not easy but helping makes a difference to prevent depression and to get back to life.

"In hearing other families and the devastation the isolation the hopelessness it helped us through the grieving journey," Gallardo said.

Organization leaders said their objective is to send a message for those in need of help.

"We help each other and some of us who have been in the journey longer they're trying to help the younger ones that are still the grief is so fresh and it's so intense and painful." Organization leader Robert Gallardo said.

Ida affirms that although things won't be completely different, her smile and courage are slowly coming back.

"Someday I’m not going to say that we're going to get over it but we're going to learn to smile again and we can shed that guilt off." Talamantes concluded.

The organization meets every week to help anybody in need, and joining is completely free. If you need more information about this program call 915 204-0658 or visit www.elpasotcf.org


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