Local North Korean War Veteran is Concerned, Says You Should Be Too

Local North Korean War Veteran is Concerned, Says You Should Be Too
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 8:35pm

EL PASO - North Korea's longtime dictator Kim Jong Il was laid to rest Wednesday. As Jong Il's son takes power, a local Korean War Veteran is concerned.

"Quite frankly, I'm scared," Roy Aldridge said.

He was only 16-years old when he was sent to fight in the Korean War.

"Our original mission was to drive North Koreans out of South Korea, which we did," Aldridge said.

Although, there's something a lot of people don't know.

"Technically we're still at war with North Korea, because there was never a formal peace treaty," he said

Our soldiers, who are still in South Korea, have to agree on a cease fire with North Korea every six months. They've been doing that for 58-years. That's why it concerns Aldridge that North Korea is getting a new leader, Kim Jong Un. He's a man said to be just as aggressive as his father was.

"He's a young man with no experience, and a very sheltered life. He did spend two years in Switzerland in a private school then came back to Korea," Aldridge said.

North Korea has one of the largest militaries in the world, and they have nuclear bombs.

"People who have never seen the power of that thing have no idea, have no idea," he said.

Aldridge worked closely with bombs, and he's even seen the damage one can do.

"To witness a town like El Paso built in the desert disintegrate from one bomb will put the fear in you the rest of your life," he said.

That's why Aldridge says all Americans need to be concerned about North Koreas new leadership.

"The Korean Veteran is scared to death about what could happen again, but one thing they don't want is for us to come back, because we kicked them once, we'll kick them again," he said.

We asked some local South Koreans to talk to us for the story, but they all refused. Kim Jong Un is the third ruler of North Korea. His father and grandfather ruled before him.

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