Local Movie-Goers React to Colorado Shooting


POSTED: Friday, July 20, 2012 - 5:10pm

UPDATED: Sunday, July 22, 2012 - 1:38pm

The tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado hits close to home because everybody goes to the movies assuming they'll have a safe and enjoyable time. You'd never expect this to happen.
At the Tinseltown theatre in East El Paso, word of the deadly shooting had spread. Still, the parking lot was full and hourly showings of the Dark Knight went on as scheduled.
Despite this mornings tragedy in Aurora, Colorado at a showing of Dark Knight, the Tinseltown Cinemark Theater in East El Paso, had a full parking lot. Tinseltown staff wouldn't address News Channel 9's questions about reactions to the tragedy, but the Cinemark CEO did address the media.

"You know, obviously, my immediate reaction was sadness and, you know, the -- despair for -- that here we have a group of people just going out for a fun evening and it turns into this tragic event," Cinemark CEO Tim Warner.

The tragic event was on people's minds, especially those who had just seen the film.

"I feel sorry for those families. I feel really sorry and you know God be with them," said Michelle Navarrette, a movie-goer.

"I thought it was an act of cowardess. I think it was horrible. I probably would've thought twice about coming to the movies had I not bought my tickets a few days ago,” said Jorge Saenz.

Though there were no visible signs of more security or police, one moviegoer who saw Dark Knight said he would appreciate an increased police presence.

"Well they should probably pat us down a little bit more, just have a little bit more of a police presence. Maybe have a couple of police officers stationed at the different entrances to the theater," said Saenz.

The CEO of Cinemark did comment on security saying they never had a history of security issues at that Aurora theatre, but that may not have made a difference.

"You know, obviously, you know, the person made a well-organized -- and had an assault weapon that -- that would probably overpower any security that we would have. I mean, this is obviously a very deranged gunman that had had access to very high-powerful weapons," said Warner.

Warner Brothers says the show will go on. Right now the company doesn't have any plans to cancel screenings or make any security changes, though they have canceled some promotional events. Locally, the El Paso Police Department has notified officers of the shooting and will patrol the area around movie theaters should they have any extra time.

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