Local group orginizes training for natural disaster relief

Local group orginizes training for natural disaster relief

POSTED: Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 3:23pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 3:25pm

Natural disasters can come as a surprise affecting people and homes, a local group is stepping up to take the lead in preparing for any adverse situation this is the third year that the Methodist Church in El Paso organizes a training session for those that want to help in the event of natural disasters they say preparation is the key for a successful team.

Storms, tornados, fires and earthquakes can come with no previous notice, the damage can leave families without a home and economic struggle, Stan Serwatka who is part of this Methodist group in El Paso says help in natural disasters has to go further than a simple donation.

“Too often we’re asked to donate money that’s a good thing and we need to do that, but actual participation I think goes a lot further if you deal with the victims and you can show caring for the victims” Sewwatka said.

The training consists of teaching volunteers the basics of early response emergency that includes debris removal, ceiling work, safe clean up and proper donations after a disaster.

“We would like to have two or three teams ready to go we go when the disasters happen and the local area can’t handle the disaster then we are called in to come and help” group member Elizabeth Graham said.

The floods that recently affected part of our region was part of the motivation factor to form a local team to continue with the effort.

“First of all you’re local and you have an idea of what the people do, culture and what the people are going through so it’s much easier and you can be there quicker” Serwatka added.

According to the group’s team training is extremely important to assist correctly

“we encourage people to get trained in the proper ways to help because unsolicited volunteers can and because more harm than good they do in addition to putting a burden on the resources of the affected area“ Graham concluded.

This program is open to the general public to learn more and become active volunteers call 915-505-271-0754 or email elizabeth@samgraham.us

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