Local farmers are doing their part to conserve water

Local farmers are doing their part to conserve water
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Saturday, May 24, 2014 - 1:50pm

Some much needed relief came to parts of the Borderland and Las Cruces last night. El Paso saw less than 10 inches of rain last year.

For local farmers in the area, the lack of rain is something they're learning to adjust to.

"I think everybody in the southwest is becoming more and more sensitive to the lack of water," said Laura Borsch with Master Gardeners Association.
"We've always been knowledgeable about drought but I think in the past few years we've gotten to be more aware and sensitive that we have to save our water,"

MVM Farm, local growers out of Mesilla, NM said droughts are always a concern, but they're working with what is available
They use drip irrigation, which is a popular method among local growers.

"We have a drip tape that we line in the fields, then the drip tape has holes in it and it delivers water directly to the roots," said Nicole Fuchs, MVM Farm administrator.

She said it controls the amount of evaporation.

"{drip irrigation} does conserve a good amount of water compared to flooding or watering with a hose," Fuchs said.

Water conservation doesn't just stop with plants for them, an aquaponic system allows water to be shared between the fish they harvest and some of the plant.

"It's a mutually beneficial relationship between the fish and the plant and its all the same water recycling in the system. And so that method of growing actually conserves about 90 percent of water compared to other traditional methods," Fuchs said.

Local growers also said overseeing the process from start to finish allows them to be more aware of water usage.

"When you are growing things you are personally selling them.. you are very very careful about the water practices, about any pesticides that you might have to use," said Borsch.


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